World’s most powerful Passports | Japan & Singapore on top

World’s most powerful Passports | Japan & Singapore on top
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Here you will find the world’s most powerful passports countries whose visas don’t require most countries to visit. Henley Passport Index of 2021 is released now by henley and partners. Henely passport index releasing the ranking from past 16 years and it is original authoritative of passport ranking. These indexes are given on the basis of data obtained from IATA, which is the largest and most accurate database.

The ranking is also based on how many numbers of destinations their holder can go to without getting prior approval of their visa. Henley & Partner’s research team released the ranking index every year.


Top 10 most powerful passports in the world

Here are the top 10 world’s most powerful passports the basis of which are:-

Number 1

Japan & Singapore on the passport ranking index

Number 2

Germany and South Korea holding the second position

Number 3

Finland, Italy, Luxembourg, and Spain are in the third position

Number 4

Austria and Denmark

Number 5

France, Ireland, Netherlands, Portugal, and Sweden are in 5th position

Number 6

Belgium, New Zealand, and Switzerland

Number 7

Czech Republic, Greece, Malta, Norway, United Kingdom, and the United States

Number 8

Number 9
Number 10
Lithuania and Slovakia

Top ranking implies less stress on visa approval and ease of doing business. Most business people need to travel from one destination to another and sometimes visa approval takes months for low-ranked passport countries. Countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia are in the last position of the ranking index.


Overall passport ranking decreases of Asian countries

Countries like India, Nepal decrease in the ranking from the previous year. This implies a hard situation for a person who wants to visit any country as the visa approval will take months manytimes. China is almost in the same position comparing to the previous one. Libya and North Korea are ahead of Nepal and Zimbabwe, and the Philippines are ahead of India.

Japan is the country whose passport holders are allowed to visit most of the European countries without any VISA, Similarly, Singapore’s passport also does not require visa for many countries.  Share your views on World’s most powerful passports.


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