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Interest in witchcraft has taken a rise recently. Witchcraft has now been understood to not always be negative. Here, is short information regarding it.


Witchcraft is a practice or invocation of supernatural powers. It is generally used to control people or events using magic and sorcery. In the past, it was associated with the devil and cannibalism. In many cultures, it is a representation of evil.


Many false ideas about witchcraft and witch hunt persist in the present. Many people believed witchcraft to be practiced by women only. However, Many male witches are also found. A male who practices witchcraft is called “Wicca” and females are called “wicce”. In the modern era, it is also used to refer to positive and neutral metaphysical practices “Wicca religion”.

Coven based and Solitary witches (witch coven):

A coven is a collection or group of witches, also known as a witch coven. The group composes of practitioners who come together to perform various rituals. They meet at a place called covenstead. In the modern age, online covens are easily available. However, there are many solitary witches as well. Solitary witches prefer performing rituals privately. They do it inside their safe space.


Types of witchcraft:


Crystal witchcraft:

The performers use crystal in this kind of witchcraft. Crystals are solid materials whose components are arranged in a highly systematic order. There is various crystal available. The few popular ones used are; Rose Quartz, celestite, etc. Crystals are not used to create spells but are believed to have healing powers. Different crystals are used for different purposes. They are used to attract positivity, heal from sufferings, etc.


Cosmic witchcraft:

Cosmic Witchcraft Includes astrology, the symbolism of the planet. They use celestial bodies, their movement, and their energy while working with the craft. The craft includes spells. Their Power is affected by their birth charts, phases of moons, etc. They also use a zodiac chart, moon water, etc.


Green witchcraft:

This kind of witchcraft deals with plants, herbs, etc. You can connect to the earth and natural magic with the help of this. This also involves growing plants for magic, honoring the spirits, etc. They also learn to brew magical potions to calm the mind and spirit. It also teaches to resurrect plant growth.


Gray magic:

They are also known as neutral magic. It falls between white and black magic. The examples are; Shapeshifting, magic bonds, possession magic. They are a mix of both good and evil. It is not used to harm others but may be used to appear powerful than the others.


Eclectic paganism:

These people blend paganism with aspects of religions and philosophies. It is mainly popular in North America and British isles. It is broad, hence it allows various practices. Many practices also come up with their own rules and beliefs. it helps to manifest money, love, etc.


Some popular misconceptions about people practicing witchcraft:


As portrayed by the movies and books, many people have misconceptions about witches. Here, are some popular misconceptions:

  1. They always dress in all black.
  2. Black cats are compulsory.
  3. Magic requires a wand and a magic word.
  4. Witches are only found in covens.
  5. They can not follow other religions.
  6. Witchcraft is regarded as a satanism-divination witch.
  7. Witches always have negative intentions and are evil.


Modern-day witches use witchery to benefit financially and become independent. The practice of witchcraft has admirably continued for generations. The women practicing witches portray themselves as liberal with great spirituality. They have been trying to get over the mainstream arenas.


Guides for people new to witchcraft:

  1. Read books related to witchcraft and learn distinct terms.
  2. know that it involves various risks.
  3. Choose a path you want to pursue.
  4. Get the required ingredients and kits for a spell.
  5. Research about the formula.
  6. concentrating and Practicing hard.


The original Manuscript is hard to find. But, there are several books available in the market. The books are available in your own language as well.


In the past, many witches were persecuted with charges of sorcery. Many women were accused of several crimes and burnt alive. witch hunts were also very common back then. However, at present these cases are rare. Many witches have come out on social media as well.


Horoscope reading, Tarot card readings, etc are also very popular among people. Tarot cards are used to gain insight into the past, present, and future. According to a news agency, a craze towards witchcraft has increased. People are using it for various purposes. For reasons as simple a hair growth, attracting money, etc.



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