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The future of Nepal seems to be bright, at least in terms of electricity. With the constant inflation and deflation of money value in the market, the only sector that is worth betting on for its perpetual existence is the electrical sector. Numerous number of Hydro based projects are currently active and a few more are in process of being initiated soon. It is fair to say that if Nepal is able to use this to its optimal level then we can hope for a promising future despite our daily consumption. Here we are going to figure out the feasibility of electric vehicles make it in Nepal or not.

Electric vehicles in Nepal

Electric vehicles in Nepal

Some Facts on Electricity and Oils consumption & electric vehicles feasibility in Nepal

There are millions of vehicles running on the roads every day. Nepal alone consumes 47 Barrels of oil per day and if we start calculating the exact quantity of the oil that the world consumes then the result will surpass millions.

The realization that this in the long run is going to drain our non-perpetual source of energy and keeping up doing so will put upcoming generations into a big threat made people start looking for various sources to minimize the uses of fossil fuels. In order to meet the growing need for fuel supply of the world without hampering the preservation of non-perpetual energy, the concept of the Electric Vehicle came into existence.

Nepal has a long-lasting sustainable project for electricity which over the course of time is bound to reduce the electrical charges to the people. Also, its abundance of availability makes it a very reliable source. An Electric Charging Station charges very little to its consumers, Rs.111 worth petrol hardly will last 20kms for car and another big vehicle whereas a fully charged electric vehicle can be driven up to 12-15 hours and that too at the minimal cost of rs3-5  per hour.

Nepal has huge Potential in Hydropower projects

Every Nepali went through a very difficult situation back in 2072 B.S during the blockade, the scarcity of fuel had brought thousands and hundreds of vehicles to rest for months, and being a landlocked country we had no other option than to endure it, It is unwise to say that same won’t be the case in few years, that we will be bound to shut down on our mobilization due to political rift or border disagreements, so it’s always better to be prepared beforehand and start with switching to electrical appliances in the kitchen to electrical vehicles on Road.

Nepal is the second-largest source of water has a huge potential in electricity production. With the correct use of the available resources, we can generate huge revenue for the country and fulfill the growing day-to-day need of people. Electric vehicles have recently been launched in Nepal, you can find two-wheelers, cars, Micro-bus, and even buses that are electrical in nature.

Various power stations are being made in various parts of the country, especially in the long route areas, highway areas, in various places of the city. These charging stations have supercharging speed due to which people will not have to wait in line for a long time. The craze for the Electric Vehicle has been increasing among people as it is not just economical but also eco-friendly. It consumes no fuel and makes no noise or air pollution. With the insane hike in petrol price switching to the electrical vehicle seems a legit thing to do. Various Companies like Tesla. Mahindra, Thee-Go, etc., have already started supplying electrical vehicles and have gained a good number of customers.

Worlds adopting electric-powered vehicles

India is already adopting electricity-powered vehicles. Recently Ola electric launch its scooter at such a price level that amazes everyone in the world. Another big manufacturer also looking and possibly started their production of electric vehicles in India.

Nepal has a huge scope on electrical vehicles and it is only a wise choice that people start making this smart choice as soon as possible. Join thousands of other smart users who have already anticipated the profit and benefits from it in near future and started using it. Sooner or later Electric vehicle is sure to dominate the world so why not make the smart choice at earliest.

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