Will Aryan Khan Release on Bail today ?

Will Aryan Khan Release on Bail today ?
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Shahrukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan’s hearing on bail is today at session court. Aryan Khan was arrested from the rave party on the cruise ship Mumbai on Second October 2021. Along with Aryan Khan, there are 7 others arrested from the party including Munmun Bhaweja and Arbaaz Merchant. Aryan khan’s custody was extended by the Kila court at the request of NCB. Will Aryan Khan release on bail today is a big question. NCB investigating the connections with suppliers of the drugs. Sharukh Khan son Aryan Khan is 24 years old.


SRK son Aryan Khan lawyers Satish Mansindhe will apply for Aryan’s Bail today at session court. The bail was rejected from Kila court on the grounds of maintenance on the 8th of October. Aryan Khan was sent to Mumbai’s Arthur Road jail, which is only 13 kilometers away from Mannat. Satish Mansidhe is a big lawyer and has fought many cases including Salman, Sanjay, and Reha.


will Aryan Khan release on bail today?

Today is the hearing of Aryan Khan’s bail at session court. Session court is the court where serious matters are dealt with. Today Shahrukh and Gauri Khan are eagerly waiting for Aryan’s bail. Satish says Aryan is not involved in all this and neither he consumed anything.

The NCB on the other side is ready with its argument and investigation progress. The findings of the NCB if able to establish any matter that goes against Aryan interest. Fan and friends of Shahrukh are waiting for Aryan’s Bail. The news was coming that Hritik also met with Aryan in court. Shahrukh Met with Aryan Khan on 8th October and hugged him and got emotional for his son.

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Impact of Aryan Khan’s Arrest on Shahrukh Khan

The news was coming that Byju hold the advertisement for Shahrukh Khan. Byju is the biggest learning app currently and Shahrukh was endorsing Byju for a long time. Shahrukh was getting a good amount of money from Byju, other brands might also be concerned about this. Shahrukh holds the shooting for his upcoming movie with Dipika.

Mr.Badshah Shahrukh khan has a fantastic career in Bollywood and gained both fame and money. Shahrukh is ideal for many actors and actresses, he has won many awards delivering fantastic performances. He is the king khan of Bollywood, his craze is global and Obama also mentioned his name in his speech. A famous personality like Tim Cook and Sundar Pichai is a good friend of Shahrukh Khan.

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Aryan Khan bail plea heard on Wednesday

Aryan Khan’s bail plea will be heard on Wednesday at 11 o’clock. Arguments becoming intense day by day from the lawyers of Aryan Khan and NCB lawyers. The NCB also asked for further custody of Aryan Khan for  7 days more. So it appears that Aryan Khan will have to be in jail for 2 more days. NCB has failed to file the reply today and the same will be filed on Wednesday at 11 am. There is no sure possibility that Aryan Khan will get bail on Wednesday as well.

Aryan Khan will have to stay in Jail till 20th October 2021

Big update on Thursday today coming Aryan bail plea decision is in reserve and Aryan have to stay in Jail till 20th October. This extension is due to a public holiday in India on the occasion of Dussehra.


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