What Stops Nepal from Developing until 2021

What Stops Nepal from Developing until 2021
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Difficult land topography, Political instability, high import low export, corruption, marginalization of women, low literacy rate, Tax invasion, unreliable source of income, High dependency on Remittance, Lack of skilled manpower and modern equipment, the traditional method of farming, are the checklist of reasons for the slow to no development of a country. Here we discuss what stops Nepal from developing until 2021.


What stops Nepal from developing

Attached with India and China two big economies, despite that what are the reasons that stop Nepal from developing.

Nepal is located in the southern hemisphere of the globe, Nepal is a landlocked country depending on the seaways of India and China as the global trade route. This has cost Nepal a huge setback for international trade and not to mention the high tax charges that have to be paid to India and China for using their seaways. This brings a huge adverse impact on the GDP of the nation, a huge amount of cash that could have been used in the construction and development sector is wasted on Import and Export of goods.


We are unable to produce enough and adequate resources to meet our ends, we are so dependent on imported materials that we cannot sustain with our own productions. Starting from a small needle to thousands of tons of grains, everything has to be imported for us to sustain. Sadly, we cannot say the same for goods we export. Our import cost is ten times more than the export cost. It’s not like Nepalese people do have much of a choice regarding their choice of goods and services.

Nepal’s Background and its culture

Many districts of our country have yet no proper access to road, still, many students have to travel miles on foot, take support of the dangerous and unreliable ropeways to get to schools, and few remote villages still use woods to cook food and candles to lighten up the darkness. People go through this predicament not because of the unavailability of resources but rather because of no means of access to them. The difficult land topography of Nepal is the biggest hindrance to the construction of proper roadways or even ropeways. Huge slope hills and cliff pathways make the construction process very difficult and very costly along with the supervision and assistance of skilled manpower. Sadly, Nepal lacks both these components and being unable to afford these resources the development activity comes to a sustainable rest.

Brief Description on what stops Nepal from Developing

In the last decade, the rise and fall of political parties have been experienced many times and that is a very upsetting situation for the country. With the rise of a political party, certain rules and laws are made effective but with their sudden fall and the rise of a new party the ongoing laws get changed again and the process repeats. What remains unattended is the fact that companies working under the government laws get pushed back months back because of a sudden change in the rules, market values come crashing down as the changing government has a huge impact on development sectors thus controlling the share market, Civil workers are unable to comprehend the fluctuating tax rules and changing government opportunities, tax invasion is surged off for the benefit of the politicians and those in power exerts their influence and give an upper hand to their kinship.


The election is a very costly process that not only drains nations’ treasure but also uses huge manpower for the specific purpose, abandoning the investment and mobilization of those resources in education and health. Thus with the constantly changing political party, the hope for a developed nation gets dimmer and dimmer.

Some other factors which make it difficult to develop

Another factor determining the development status of Nepal is its dependency on Remittance money. Remittance covers more than 20% of the nation’s GDP and all though this seems to be serving the present need same in long run holds nothing but an abyss for the economic status of the nation. This also determines that the active manpower has been investing their effort in the foreign land whereas we are filled with inactive manpower and minor citizens. The younger generation, who are supposed to be the enabler of the present are frustrated with the political instability and corruption at every level and decides to travel abroad for better studies rather than to remain unproductive and unnoticed here.


The only people who get remained back in the nation depend on agriculture for their survival and even among them not everyone is engaged in commercial agriculture. Now there can be two reasons for doing so, first being the lack of active manpower to work on the field and the other being the less outcome to hard work due to the traditional method of agriculture.  Our government has made very little effort in ensuring advanced agriculture training to our farmers and there are very few financing bodies who are ready to provide financial and technical support to them under nominal interest rates. Thus, people feel comfortable in self-sufficient farming rather than commercial farming. This is one of the major reasons why despite being an agricultural country we still need to import agricultural products costing huge amounts for our daily survival.

Nepal has all the potential resources

Nepal has a huge potential and it can overcome the vicious circle of poverty helplessness. This might look like a farfetched idea but the proper investment, correct governing laws, and wise investment will boost the nation’s economy in no time. If we do not act on our weakness and yet are not convinced to make amends for our mistake, the Journey of Nepal to become a developed nation is almost impossible. Please give your feedback do let me know from your end that what stops Nepal from developing until now.

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