According to a police report, Douglas Ramsey allegedly attacked a driver and bit his nose so hard that it tore the skin.

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According to US media, a senior executive at one of the nation's largest producers of alternative meat products was detained for biting the nose of another man during a road rage altercation.

The 53-year-old Douglas Ramsey, the chief operating officer of Beyond Meat, is accused of punching a driver and biting him on the nose so hard that it tore the man's flesh.

The police report claims that Ramsey accused the victim of hitting one of the front tires of his SUV as they both made their way out of a crowded queue exiting a parking garage.

According to the complaint, Ramsey then assaulted the victim, bit him, and punched through the victim's car's back window.

According to the Washington County Jail's booking records, 53-year-old Ramsey was charged on Saturday with making terroristic threats and third-degree violence and was released on a $10,000 bond.

Beyond Meat is one of a number of businesses that have sprung up in the US that produce meat substitutes such as plant-based burgers and sausages.

But recently, shares in Beyond Meat have plummeted, losing more than 70% of their value just one year.