Useful Tips for NTC users Nepal

Useful Tips for NTC users Nepal
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NTC or Nepal telecom, its actual name is Nepal Doorsanchar Company LTD. It was founded on 13 April 2004. It is a state-owned company with a 91.49% government share. Its central office is located at Bhadrakali plaza.  Rather than normal sim NTC has also brought CUG sim. CUG stands for the corporate user group. NTC is currently serving 20 million users along with 10 Million data users. You can find some useful tips for being NTC users Nepalhere in this blog.

Other Than NTC there are two companies that provide communication services in Nepal. They are Ncell and Smart cells. CG groups also planning to enter to cell network business. NTC networks are available all over Nepal and are the highest subscriber-based netowrk.


Some other tips for NTC users are:

1. For Mobile

Basic USSD shortcodes.


This will help to subscribe to data and other packages. We can know some new package available as well.


Use this if you need to find out your mobile number.


Dial *400# If you need to check your mobile balance.


Dial *922# If you need to find out about your Sim owner.


dial 1498 for customer support.



Call forwarding/ balance transfer

**21*98xxxxxxxx*Forwarding Number#

If you want to forward call use the dial the code given. ##002

This code can be used to cancel calls forwarded


Transfer Balance by dialing.



Find security code

To find your security number, type SCODE and message it to 1415. This code can be used to transfer balance.


Call wait


*43# and #43# These codes are for call wait and canceling call wait.


ISD service

ISD is required for international calling services. #331*0000# and *331*0000#

Codes are used to activate and deactivate ISD.



CRBT stands for caller Ringback tone service. Once you type SUB and send it to 1455, CRBT is activated.and Once you type UNSUB and send to 1455, CRBT is deactivated.


Once you type Start and send to 1477, Namaste credit activates.


Once you type STOP and send to 1477, Namaste credit deactivates.



MCA stands for missed call alert. *1400*1# helps to activate MCA. And *1400*2# helps to deactivate MCA.



Send “FNFSUB9841xxxxx” to 1415 and FNF is activated. And to add FNF send “FNFADD01488xxxx” to 1415. FNF is simply a service provided by NTC. Users can add up to 5 of their friends and family. Adding these numbers allows a cheaper call rate between them. The price is 55 paisa/minute.

Customer care: if you need to complain or have any queries you can dial 1498.


2. For Landline,FTTH and ADSL

Bill inquiry

ADSL                                           BL*NTADSL01488xxxx sms to 1415

Landline                                   CB*01488xxxx and SMS to 1415

ADSL offer validity              VL*NTADSL01488xxxx and sms to1415



ADSL                                 198

Landline                           198

Number inquiry              197


Some Useful Tips on NTC Sim

Pin recovery:

Have some of the pins in your card been erased? You can easily recover it. All you need is an erased recharge card. First, visit the website “”. Then select your service type. The options are;

  •  GSM/CDMA prepaid
  •  GSM/CDMA prepaid
  •  PSTN prepaid
  • ADSL prepaid


Then you will need to fill serial number on the recharge card. After filling it you will need to fill the Recaptcha. Now, fill in the pin number. And replace the erased number with “*”. And in the service number add your phone number.


Get PUK code:

PUK code stands for personal unblocking code. It is necessary to change your pin number in 3GPP mobiles. For this, you need to type “PUK” and send it to 1415.

NTC has two payment options postpaid and prepaid. Voice call in Postpaid costs Rs.1 per minute. In prepaid it costs 1.5 per minute. You can dial *111# to find out which you are using.

The great service that NTC has provided has made it easy for customers. Users can easily send and receive text. We can easily use the internet. We can also easily call anywhere. Recharging balance is also very easy and can be done through banks.

We can install the “Nepal telecommunication” app from the play store on our Smartphone. It has some great features. With the help of the app, recharging has been easy. We can recharge through Khalti, mobile banking, etc. we can easily get data packs that last for weeks, months,s or a day. It is very easy to log in to the app. multiple logins are also allowed. The app allows easy access to information and subscriptions.

If you want to Purchase an NTC sim, you can get it from any verified dealer. You will need a photo, identification card, contact details, etc. for the registration seller requires a master card. And in case your sim is lost you can easily block it. NTC launched the namaste pay app which is also one of the biggest PSPs available in Nepal currently. It is based on USSD payment as well which will help users to transact banking transactions without using the internet.

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