Ullu web series Palang Tod latest episodes 2021 and its star cast

Ullu web series Palang Tod latest episodes 2021 and its star cast
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Ullu web series Palang Tod latest episodes 2021 and its star cast is what we discuss here. Palang tod is one of the most-watched masaledar web series of Ullu. It’s a drama with some bold and hot scenes which attract an audience, unlike any other web series. There are various seasons and episodes and each having a different plot in its story.

Here is the list of Ullu web series Palang Tod latest episodes 2021

  • Saali Aadhi Gharwali 
  • Naye Padosi
  • Sazaa Ya Mazaa
  • Friend Request
  • Kirayedaar
  • Saas Bahu & NRI


Saali Aaddhi Gharwali | Plang Tod | star cast

The Storyline is such that- Shalini abruptly switches her stance keeping her boyfriend over the edge. Sometimes she desires slow romantic intimacy while suddenly she shows her wild side. The confused boyfriend eventually realizes the shocking truth about her dead twin sister Kamini. Watch the excitement unfold in ‘PALANG TOD SAALI AADHI GHARWALI’.

Saali Aadhi Gharwali Palang Tod

Released on 20th April 2021

Star Cast
Hiral Radadiya ( Shalini And Kamini )
Amandeep Singh ( Jimmy )
Shubham Gaur ( Prem )
Aakash Sood ( Neeraj )
Ritesh Kumar

Naye Padosi | Plang Tod | Ullu web series 2021 star cast

The Storyline is such that- Rahul wakes up with a jolt when he hears ghostly sounds from a locked neighborhood, but it’s just the new couple moved in having a loud romantic session. Rahul’s maid is the common thread between the two who is about to unknowingly tie a knot of secret fantasies between Rahul and the tempting wife next door.

Released on 28th May 2021Naye Padosi Palang Tod

Star Cast
Rekha Mona Sarkar ( Wife )
Sagar Bhatt ( Husband )
Pihu Singh ( Maid )
Lakshya Handa ( Neighbour )

Sazaa ya Mazaa | Plang Tod

The Storyline is such that- In an attempt to revive a 5-year-old affair, Majnu watches some sizzling videos which irritate his girlfriend Laila. Laila steals his phone and binges two hot videos. One is of a staunch devotee Priyanka who has sworn never to get physically intimate while the other is of a struggling actor who is discarded for his inability to perform in a film scene.

Released on 25th June 2021

Star CastSazaa ya Mazaa Palang Tod
Palak Singh ( Priyanka Tyagi )
Yukta Parvi ( Nidhi Sharma )
Zubeer Khan ( Manoj Kumar )
Aamir Mustaq ( Manju )
Sikander Qureshi

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Friend Request | Plang Tod

The Storyline is such that- Two young upbeat actresses cum roommates spend most of their time chatting with boys to spice up their struggling lives. One day an accidental friend request propels one roommate into a big role in a series leading to insecurity in the mind of others.

Released on 2nd July 2021Friend Request Palang Tod

Star Cast
Akanksha Hans ( Saima )
Mishthi Basu ( Moni )
Navish Panwar ( Jasmeet )
Mohit Garg
Kirayedaar | Plang Tod
The Storyline is such that- A husband gets a new tenant to occupy his sister’s old room, unwarranted that his sister is returning to stay with him. As the notorious tenant starts to flirt with the sister, his actual target remains her sister-in-law.
Released on 9th July 2021
Star CastKirayedaar Palang Tod
Pamela Mondal ( Sapna )
Ram Awana ( Sapna’ Husband )
Hina Khan ( Pooja )
Toofan Singh ( Niranjan )
Mohit Garg

Saas Bahu & NRI | Plang Tod 

The Storyline is such that- When the sounds of a steamy session of a newlywed reach the lonesome mother-in-law, she discovers various means to calm herself. The wife’s NRI brother acknowledges her need for love, but instead, the wife ends up fulfilling the mother-in-law’s temptations.

Released on 17th September 2021

Star CastSaas Bahu & NRI

Rajsi Verma (Supriya)

Paromita Dey (Payal)

Anil Bisnoi (Amit)




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