UllU Original Web series list with star cast names and wiki

UllU Original Web series list with star cast names and wiki
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Ullu originals come from the Ullu creatives team which are amazing and small episodes series. Back in 2018 when it released Melting ghees, Bribe, and Dubey Ji and his boys to until now it is providing the content. Ullu originals content is also masaledaar and boldness however there are also episodes and series that are loved by critics as well. Some of ullu originals are masterpieces from their makers. Here is the UllU Original Web series list with star cast names and wiki.

Note :- there are age restrictions to watch these series

    • The Last show
    • Madhosh Diaries
    • Rupaya 500
    • Khunnas
    • Khatak
    • Namkeen
    • Fatherhood
    • Blue Whale
    • Hotspot
    • Prabha ki Diary
    • The Devil Inside
    • online
    • Dunali
    • Tandoor
    • Dil Ke Armaan



UllU Original Web series list with star cast names and wiki

Here are the details of the series along with their star cast and directors.


  • UllU originals: The Last Show

The story is such that on Friday the 13th 1997, the audiences were in a frenzy to watch a super hit movie at a full house in Satkar Theatre. Aghast a fire breaks out and engulfs the closed auditorium to vanquish more than 100 innocent lives. Years later their relatives still grieve for their loss and hope for justice. Witness this heart-wrenching tragedy in ‘The Last Show’. It is available in 4 different languages including Hindi and Bhojpuri. You will also see the bold scene in the series which ullu generally provides to its audience and there are two parts of the series.

Released on 1st June 2021

Star Cast

Nasirr Khan ( Tarun – Main Lawyer )

Aman Verma ( Nanda – Bansal’s Lawayer )

Raju Kher ( Shushil Bansal )

Priom Gujjar ( Udhay Bansal )



Glen Barretto


  • UllU originals: Madhosh Diaries


There are two episodes for Madhosh diaries namely

    • Madhosh Diaries: Good Wife

The story is such that a simple & dedicated wife bids adieu to her husband as he leaves on a business trip, but the two-faced husband has made intimate plans with a tempting hooker. The seemingly naive wife who pretends to be unaware of his flings is indeed a step ahead and is about to do the unthinkable. This episode shows the extreme of extramarital affairs what happen next you have to watch the episodes on ullu

Released on 11th June 2021


Star Cast

Hiral Shah ( Raashi )

Mitesh Shah ( Jignesh )

Riddhima Tiwari ( Shobha )

Raja Aamir Khan ( Chaman )



Mohit Garg


    • Madhosh Diaries: Adla Badli

The story is such that fate brings together two couples, one whose marriage is falling apart while the other a complete contrast. Through a business meeting, the first couple discovers the immoral fantasies of the other. And so the husband mesmerized by his friend’s wife asks his own dear wife to swap partners for a night. Will the swap become fun or pain you have to watch it on ullu app and yes there are age restrictions for watching the series.

Released on 7th September 2021


Star Cast

Pamela Mondal ( Reena )

Captain Armaan ( Miraj )

Ananya Samarth ( Mansi )

Paras Arora ( Vimal )



Mohit Garg


  • UllU originals: Rupaya 500

The storyline is such that to make a livelihood, a naïve maid Ranju fulfills the intimate desires of her owner for mere five hundred rupees. The burly owner has no remorse for his actions and going ahead he shares her with his friends for the same price, but this time Ranju faces a backlash & physical beating when she demands her worth. How the game of cheating becomes bigger and the greed becomes a disaster you have to watch the Rupaya 500 to know more.

Released on 15th June 2021

Star Cast

Muskan Agarwal ( Ranju )

Mahi Kaur ( Lata )

Mahi Kamla ( Kiran )

Aklavya Chaudhary ( Jay )





  • UllU originals: Khunnas

The story is such that a house decked up like Diwali just for their daughter’s birthday is thrilled by gunshots. The assassin is none other than their driver whose rage was triggered by the birthday girl’s act in the past. Witness the twisted affair behind this revenge drama, that leads to a massacre. The story shows the painful results of playing someone’s heart, you have to unlock the story by watching it on ullu.

Released on 29th June 2021

Star Cast

Saheem Khan ( Gautam )

Sonam Arora ( Devika )

Asit Redij ( Father )

Amika Shail ( Rashmi )



Saheem Khan


  • UllU originals: Khatak

The story is such that Vijender, a free-spirited hunk finds his sister slaughtered to death by her very parents when her indecent video circulates in the community. On the other hand, Vijender finds his own crush openly flirting with a neighboring boy, revolting against which Vijender discloses their affair to her parents. Will Vijender’s crush survive the wrath of her family? you have to watch it on ullu.

Released on 10th August 2021

Star Cast

Rajveer Singh

Neha Chauhan

Nitin Pandit

Rashmi Singh Somvanshi



Rahul Dahiya


  • UllU Originals: Namkeen

The story is such that after failing at multiple attempts to get intimate, Rajveer eventually finds solace in peeking into the spicy lives of his neighbors through a telescope. Here he encounters Bobita, the two-faced wife of his professor, and a beautiful married woman Aara, who is forced to live with his hot-headed husband. There are two episodes of Namkeen, Manilal’s detective eyes quickly spot the anomaly in Aara’s body language as she commutes in and out of her apartment. Rajveer, Sam, and Manilal break into Ismail’s flat and discover Aara in shackles, which reveals her bitter past and Ismail’s truth.

Released on 27th August 2021

Star Cast

Worship Khanna

Aabha Paul

Divya Singh

Rakshit Pant

Jitendra Yadav



Manoj Giri


  • UllU originals:  Fatherhood

The story is such that Pratap an arrogant and strict father has kept his adolescent son Kamal from exploring the physical side of the relationship. But Pratap has a change of mind, when his sister-in-law Nisha comes to stay with them and spices up an affair with both father and son, and furthermore insists on a threesome with them. Will Pratap be able to convince Kamal of this orthodox intimacy?

Released on 17th August 2021

Star Cast

Ashmit Patel

Alam Khan

Khushi Mukherjee

Aishwarya Surve

Shirin Parveen


I. Shaikh


  • UllU Originals: Blue Whale

The story is such that a girl named Kriti is a struggling air-Hostess after failing to get a job and losing the love of her life gets introduced to the Blue Whale game. This game of dares pushes her to do extreme tasks to eventually commit suicide. Will Kriti survive in this nasty game?

Released on 3rd September 2021

Star Cast

Siyaa Patil(Anushka)

Ananya Sengupta(Kriti Yadav)

Deep Tripathi(Vineet)

Rohit Rajawat(Boss)


Faisal Saif


  • UllU Originals: Hotspot

The story is such that Mudit’s newlywed wife Chanda is increasingly vexed by the creaking sound of their ancestral bed. Hence, after much thought and on a friend’s advice, Mudit decides to sell the bed online on the ULX App where he gets a handsome deal of Rs.17000 for his bed. But is the app secure and the buyer trustworthy?

Released on 10th September 2021

Star Cast

Abhishek Mishra (Mudit)

Aayushi Jaiswal (Chanda)

Alok Nath Pathak (Father)

Meena Sharma (Mother)

Manish Wankar (Mudit’s Friend)

Ankit Dubey (Piyush)



  • Prabha ki diary: Honeymoon Special

The storyline is such that after Prabha even her twin sister finds her marriage in tumult on her reckless honeymoon. As her timidity starts to annoy her pushy husband, a hot guest gives a spin to their entire honeymoon, inciting infidelity & fear. Witness the fate of this marriage in “PRABHA KI DIARY S2 – HONEYMOON SPECIAL”. Watch Now!

Released on 30th March 2021

Star Cast

Pamela Mondal ( Garcy )

Maitrik Thakkar ( Rajat )

Naaz Khan ( Ayesha )

Sanjay Amar
  • Prabha ki diary: The Housewife

The storyline is such that Prabha’s Diary discloses its 4th & the most tantalizing story of a carefree alluring woman, Raina. She is sent in care of a struggling film director by her own boyfriend, and their sizzling intimacies finally lead to marriage. But Raina receives a severe backlash from her husband when she refuses to abide by the boundaries of this legal relationship.

Released on 30th May 2021

Star Cast

Mokshita Raghav ( Raina )
Pawan Utwani ( Sheel )
Prabhat Bhattacharya ( Kabir )
Raj Basu ( Burman )
Sanjay Amar
  • UllU original: The Devil Inside

The storyline is such that smitten by the beauty of a mature employee’s new bride, his rich boss offers him a hefty amount to sleep with the wife. The wife refutes this indecent deal hence the greedy boss forces himself on her, which triggers a chain of blackmail and deceit.

Released on 13th August 2021
Star Cast
Sharib Hashmi
Nasir Abdullah
Arshi Khan
Ananya Sen Gupta
Zia Ullah Khan
  • UllU original web series: Online

The storyline is such that growing up with a father who owns a lingerie shop, Chetan’s future always remained in shambles. But Chetan has a plan to expand his father’s declining business by gaining exposure from the Chinese lingerie market. Will Chetan be able to convince his stern father to send him all the way to China?

Released on 31st August 2021

Star Cast

Shivam Agarwal
Priya Sharma
Vivek Sharma
Aliya Naaz
Guru Saran Tiwari
Raavi K
  • UllU original web series: Dunali

The storyline is such that troubled by an atypical medical condition that has a direct bearing on a young boy’s sexual life, the world around him goes upside down wherein everyone tries to take advantage of his abilities. Some remain smitten while some are shocked when they find the double-trouble that he is blessed with. Watch the laugh-riot doubling its fun in “Dunali Part 1”.

Released on 13th July 2021

Star Cast

Shubham Deorukhar ( Sameer )
Prerna Singh ( Riya )
Hitesh Makhija ( Rohan )
Nehal Vadolia ( Shakshi )
Babul Bhavesar ( Rakesh )
Imtiaz Alam
  • UllU original web series: Tandoor

The storyline is such that on a certain night in 1995, a middle-aged man zoomed past his car on the streets of Delhi, carrying a suspicious large sack. Later on the very night, a constable on duty discovered strange fumes from a bistro where the man entered. Witness the truth behind an infamous “kaand” unfolding in “TANDOOR”

Released on 23rd July 2021

Star Cast
Tanuj Virwani ( Sahil Sharma )
Rashami Desai ( Palak Sahani )
Amitriyan Patil ( Aiyaz karim )
Ravi Gossain ( Abdul Razaz )
Nivedita Basu
  • UllU original web series: Dil Ke Armaan

The storyline is such that the dreams of a naive girl are shattered when her apparently kind and loving husband along with his siblings torment the new bride. When all hopes of help are lost, the bride becomes the punisher and commits the “Jaghanya”.

Releasing on 12th October 2021

Star Cast

Mishti Basu ( Nimmi )
Surbhi Talodiya ( Juhi )
Deepesh Gangawat ( Abhay )
Hiten Meghrajani ( Keshav )
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