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Travel accommodation in Nepal is super varied; from 5 Star hotels to Local Homestay one has unlimited choices to choose the one that fits them the most. If you are a person who travels a lot then you surely have a good idea of what your ideal hotel or accommodation place looks like, but if you are a seldom traveler, in such case choosing the best hotel /resort/homestay community can be a difficult task.

Impromptu travel plans leave one with only the option of hoping for the best when they show up to the place. What should you book when you arrive, a treehouse? Resort? Hotel? Lodge? I mean these varieties of option is confusing isn’t it. Finding a bed is not much of a challenge, every part of the country has at least a basic accommodation facility and many city areas have 5-star hotels. These stays are not very expensive as well. The standard cost per night stay varies from 1,000 to 10,000 (As per your choice of hotel) for Nepalese people. This, however, may vary top the tourist as 5$ to 35$ per night.

It’s always better to review the hotel or resorts before visiting them just to be on the safer side as some cheap hotels tend to be very poor in terms of hospitality and services. Find the best hotels online in Nepal on Damaru.

The types of Travel Accommodations you will find in Nepal are:

  1. TreeHouse:

If you are backpacking to Himalaya areas or are on a trek then Treehouse is usually preferred. It’s not very lavish rather is very basic. People huddle around the communal fire and spend nights sharing the experiences from the travel. It’s not the best in terms of comfort but many trekkers prefer this over any lavish stays.

  1. Guest House

You will find an abundance of Guesthouses during your travel. The ones that take international tourists are rather well managed when compared to the smaller and local ones. They allow you to choose the room according to your number and the kind of service you look forward to and their hospitality is satisfactory.

  1. Hotel and Resorts

Hotel and Resorts are highly known for their top-level hospitality and services. One can choose the kind of hotel/resort they want to take shelter at after reviewing their facilities, availability, and cost.  Dwarika Hote, Soltee Hotel, Dhulikhel Mountain Resort, Mount view resort, are some of the a-class accommodation spaces which can cost up to 7,000 to 10,000 per person for a single night. Resorts at the outskirt of the valley help people to rejuvenate themselves from their daily work pressure, people can have a sound night out at hotels with their loved ones.

You can always pre-book your stay a few days earlier, which is also a smart move that helps omit chances of unavailability. So make a wise and if possible a calculative decision before choosing your accommodation while traveling in Nepal. With the right place and proper hospitality, your trip just gets much better. Travel and Accommodation in Nepal are very easy and you will find lots of options to choose from.

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