TikTok Update

TikTok Update
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TikTok has been updated recently with some awesome features. The TikTok update is most anticipated but is it worth updating is the question. Tiktok Gifts and some features were added for the creatures. With recent updates now TikTok will occupy 90 plus MB of your phone. The current version is 22.6.5 with more than 1Billion downloads TikTok is trending at #1 in Google Playstore.


TikTok Gifts in TikTok updates: Coin and Diamonds

Now the Gift has changed and got the updates. These updates are majorly Christmas and New Year focused. TikTok updates are available region wise so there might be some other updates in a few countries.

TikTok Gifts Update


Happy New Year  5Coin

Confetti 100Coin

GALA Signal  1Coin

Dream Projector  399 Coin

2022 Glass  199 Coin

New Year Fire Cracker 2022 Coin

2022 Portal 1699 Coin

Shinning Stage 3999 Coin

TikTok Cap 99 Coin

TikTok Universe 34999

You will see these updates in your TikTok account


What’s New in the TikTok update?

There are various updates like creators analytics and some settings are updated. Tagging systems are updated in the recent updates. Here are some updates on TikTok.

  1. Creators Portal
  2. TikTok Gifts
  3. Settings
  4. and some other TikTok update
  5. Slite change in the price of the gifts and updates
  6. Discount and bundle


Is this Update worth it?

Now this update is good. The update is worth updating as we all like new things to discover. I found some bugs issue like there is connection and disconnection happens while you go live.

TikTok Update

Now if you have two Id it is sometimes hard to switch and use all the functions in the same smartphone. There is some lagging issue in an iPhone while going live.

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Do you update this new update from TikTok?

Now this update is worth updating. I hope you like the update and TikTok will soon fix these lagging issues. Now the lag issue i have seen in my two iOS devices and 2 android devices.  Please share your thoughts if you are getting the same issues or not.


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