TikTok in Nepal : Good or Bad

TikTok in Nepal : Good or Bad
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This is the era of networking and fame. People can use the various platforms to express their talents and with the right marketing and correct platform their talent makes them viral amongst people and after a while, people even start earning. Tiktok is one of those platforms which allows people to express themselves, showcase their talent, and if people prefer their content and acting they get featured on the #foryou page of Tiktok and in no time can become a Tiktok celebrity. TikTok in Nepal is growing and has huge potential for marketing through it.

How TikTok in Nepal helping Nepali creator

There are many people that have gained a massive fan following throughout the world with the help of TikTok and they are now earning thousands of dollars through their posts and live streams. Many people who had always wanted to start into the movie industry but never got exposed to it have now successfully established themselves as celebrities through their Tiktok page. Many young people use Tiktok as the medium to deliver their business ideas amongst people, share about the raising issues with people, raise voice against the odds in the societal system targeting the mass, Promote their business, and grow their community.

Many couples put up relationship content on there and they have become the #relationshipgoals, many families spend time together to make few videos to upload which gives them bonding time and eases the environment at the house. People who are in need of public support be it for financial help, donations, partnership, sponsorship, everything seems to be available at this app. There is no doubt that with the correct use of the app one can make a carrier a celebrity and make good money out of it, not to mention the love and support from thousands of fans. It can bring a really good impact on an individual’s life if used correctly and for the correct purpose.

Problems with the audience

Having highlighted the positive side of Tiktok we can also not ignore the negativity that revolves around it. It has become an open space for criticism where many people drop in rudest, sexiest and vulgar comments on other people’s videos. Some upload inappropriate contents and those contents are views the most. Since Tiktok in Nepal does not have age filter Videos so every video uploaded there is easily accessible to children, even the 18+ contents, or videos with inappropriate slang and curse words. Some go to extreme levels and start to harsh people, make fun of their looks and body types, taunt and make people in their comment section and even on their live streams.

Every day we get to see memes being made on Tiktokers and no one actually pays attention to the mental wellbeing of those people who are being mocked, bullied, harassed, Slut shamed, as people believe that they are up just for attention and whatever wrong happens to them, they deserved it. This is the darker part of the app where it does give an abundance of fame and money opportunity but also makes the person a subject of jokes and memes. There have been cases where people have been harassed publically (Nikisha Shrestha being name called and even teased in the midday on the road), Women are being slut-shamed for their dance moves and dressing style, Children having access to inappropriate voice dubbing, and following the adult contents, are the negative aspects that cannot be ignored.

Advantage to Creators

Tiktok is a public platform that has its own advantages and if and when handled in an inappropriate way can result in disastrous aftermath. If we want it to be a safe place for every people then we must understand our content preferences and at any time when any content creator comes up with anything that is not of your taste, you should simply ignore it and move on to the next one rather than investing your time in criticizing and shaming the people. It is better to acknowledge the fact that one always has a choice to see who and what they want to if anything is upsetting you can easily surge it off and move into another one without creating an unhealthy environment.

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