TikTok Gifts: TikTok Coins and Diamonds

TikTok Gifts: TikTok Coins and Diamonds
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TikTok gifts: TikTock coins and Diamonds and how to earn them and how to recharge coin is what we discuss here. TikTok nowadays is becoming the fastest, easy-growing, and earning platform for creators & influencers around the world. Titok coins are the currency of TikTok and you can use them for gifting your favorite creators. Coins are converted into diamonds and the diamonds are you earning which can be withdrawn in your Paypal.

As per the recent study, one out of seven-person in the world is using this app today. As per a recent study, people are getting addicted to using this app. China recently implement the usage cap of 40 minutes for a day below 14 years, age kids.

What are TikTok Coins and How to purchase them?

TikTok Coins are the units price currency of the gifts for the app. It is similar to the other digital coins which can be purchased in dollars. You can use the coins to gift your favorite creator in the form of emojis during the live stream. Virtual gifts you get then stay in your account as diamonds. Diamonds are the real value of your earning as a creator which can be withdrawn.

Titok Coins are the currency for the app and here is the process to recharge them.

Tiktok coin recharge

Go to your TikTok profile>Blick the three lines above the right corner>Click in Balance> Then Click on the recharge button> Select the bundle> Click Buy> Add card details or Paypal details to buy it.

The price of the coins may fluctuate due to applicable exchange rates fluctuations in the country.

TikTok coins cost

The price of the coins may differ and not be the same in all countries. the current value of the coins in the US dollar is shown in the below picture.TikTok Coins prices

Current price of the coins in USD

70 coins        $1.10

350 coins     $5.54

700 coins     $9.63

1400 coins    $21.46  and so on

Hence each coin costs around $0.01532 which are slightly more expensive than earlier.

TikTok Gifts Coins costs and how to earn them.

Tiktok gifts are valued carrying coins that you get in terms of emojis. You can get it only during the live streams and there is a minimum number of followers limit for creators to go live. Agree or not people are earning money by doing a live stream.

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TikTok Diamonds

Diamonds are half the value of coins amount i.e 2 coins is equal to 1 diamond. Diamonds are what you get on live stream and also real earnings. For example:-

70 coins              $1.10

1 coin                  $0.0157

1 diamond         $0.00785

The TikTok diamonds are then exchanged with dollars later from your account and the dollar.

TikTok gifts list including coins value | TikTok gift prices

Earlier there are a lesser number of gifts in TikTok and now it is increased after the current updates. Here is the list of gifts and how much coin value they carry.

Tik tok gift emoji

Rose                            1 coin

Tiktok                         1 coin

Finger Heart              5 coin

Perfume                      20 coin

Love                             49 coin

Panda                          5 coin

Here are some of the highest value (prices) carrying gifts.

gifts of live stream

Unicorn Fantasy                    5000 coins        $69.797

Submarine                               5199 coins        $72.575

Jet Plane                                 6000 coins        $83.75

Yacht                                       7499 coins         $104.68

Interstellar                              10000 Coins

Sunset Speed                         10000 Coins

Castle Fantasy                     20000 coins        $279.188

Golden Sportscar               29999 coins      $404.82

Lion                                      29999 coins      $404.82 TikTok lion gift price and is second most expensive Tiktok Gifts after TikTok Universe and same as Golden Sports car.

TikTok Universe                  34999   Coins       $536.18

how much is a lion worth on tiktok and how much is a TikTok Universe worth on tiktok

Now, these are not the exact worth of the gifts and are based on estimation however, it is an approximate value. TikTok Universe is the most expensive TikTok Gifts carrying a coin value of   34999   Coins and the worth US  $536.18

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New TikTok gifts released for live streamers.

New TikTok gifts

Tiktok gift prices in Coin Value

Ferris Wheel    3000 coin

Love Balloon    699 Coin

Mini Fridge      1788 Coin

TreeHouse        1799 Coin

Ice Machine      538 Coin

Goggles              199 Coin

Garland              1500 Coin

Coral                  499 Coin

Sweets Diwali    30 Coin

Music Note         169 Coin

Cookie                 1 Coin

Swan                699 Coin

Floor Lamp    1188 Coin

Gold Mine     1000 Coin

Light Deewali   1 Coin

Ice Machine  538 Coin

Fireworks    500 Coin

Love Baloon  699 Coin

Swing Machine 399 Coin

Music note   169 Coin

Pool Party    4999 coin

Planet    15000 Coin

Rocket   20000 coin


New Tiktok Gifts Coin updated in December 2021

Tiktok Coin are TikTok currency here are the gifts of 2021

GG   1 Coin

GamePad  10 Coin

Hi  10 Coin

Hand wave  9 Coin

Sweet Dreams  399 Coin

Birthday Cake  300 coin

Champion  1500 Coin

Lock & Key  199 Coin

Phone 12 coin

Gold Mine  1000 coin

Travel  2888 Coin

Pirate ship  4888 Coin


New TikTok Gifts added in 2022

New TikTok Gifts including their tik tok coins value

Love Chat              400 Coin

Sunset Speed       10000 Coin

Makeup Box          1999 Coin

Washing Bottle       1 Coin

Duck                       299 Coin

Corgi                     299  Coin

Rabbit                  1999 Coin

Cat                       3999 Coin

New TikTok Gifts 2022

FAQ on TikTok gifts: TikTok coins and Diamonds

how much are TikTok gifts worth

TikTok gifts worth or TikTok live gifts worth are the same questions that usually get asked again and again. 1 Diamond worth $0.005 USD and diamond is your earning. Here is a picture of TikTok gifts worth in Diamonds and USD value. People say TikTok Keeps 50% however it sometimes seems more than 50%.

TikTok gifts worth

Do TikTok gifts work?

Yes, if you comply with the policy and build loyal followers they can make you rich. The majority of influencer is making money and getting lots of popularity on this platform.


Why is withdrawal suspended in some cases?

If TikTok finds any unusual activity which violates its community guidelines then in that case you might get your withdrawal suspended and prohibited. You can file an appeal with a reasonably valid explanation.


How to send gifts om TikTok?

Sending gifts is super easy, you need to be followers, and when your creator comes live you can tap on the gift icon and send any gifts emoji which you have.


How to withdraw money from TikTok?

The income accrued can be seen on your balance section of the screen. Tap in your profile > click on the right side of the top three-line section > click on balance > Choose the option from which you need to withdraw > Select the withdrawal account.

You can add up to 5 Paypal account and 5 banks account on each of your TikTok accounts to receive payments.


Is there any Tax you have to Pay?

Yes, you have to pay tax as per your country’s tax law.


Can I withdraw gifts coins?

Gifts coins are converted into diamonds and diamonds can be cashed out.

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