The highest-paid gaming YouTuber makes almost $45,000 plus per video.

The highest-paid gaming YouTuber makes almost $45,000 plus per video.
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According to a recent study, the highest-paid gaming YouTuber makes almost $45,000 plus per video.

The highest-paid gaming Youtuber matter has been the discussion among millennium these days. If we look at a few decades back scenario, gaming things were not considered the scope for earning. Rather it was seen as a waste of time and money. But, the highest-paid gaming Youtuber made significant remarks by making a million dollars.

But with the passage of time and digital technology development, It is now a way of mental exercise that helps to increase cognitive activities. And Top gaming Youtubers helped to embrace this industry like anything.

As per the research by Casinoscores, the study shows that top gaming Youtubers are making approximately 16 million dollars to 60 Plus million dollars.

It was shocking and surprising to know the earning made by them on per video.

Highest-paid gaming Youtuber are ranked as follows:


S.NoNameSubscriber (in Millions)Earning per video


45.2$ 42,092






Subscriber Vs Earning

PewDiePie, who has the most subscribers on YouTube, is sixth in the list and makes an average of $14,177 every video. Although being the most popular gaming channel on YouTube in the US, SSSniperwolf didn’t made the top 5. As a result, increasing search volume and subscription counts do not necessarily result in increased profits.

Similar to this, all YouTubers in positions 6 through 10 have more than 1000 videos, compared to positions 1 and 2 who have less than 600 videos.

These statistics show that for millions of individuals, watching video gamers on YouTube is just as normal as watching Netflix or Disney+. The content producers have amassed sizable fan bases and are uniting a sizable group globally. These YouTubers will probably gain more subscribers as gaming becomes more popular. A representative from CasinoScores offered their thoughts on the results.


Even though the successful YouTube gamers are already making more money than any CEO of a major corporation, this is only a small portion of their potential earnings. Along with YouTube Ads, brands affiliation, channel memberships, and merchandise sales are other ways for content creators to monetize their work.

The money-making process as we know it has been completely altered by the success of the gaming industry. The number of searches and followers shows how popular gaming YouTubers are becoming. Naturally, attaining a high-income level is difficult, but creating a successful gaming YouTube channel is attainable.


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