Taylor Swift, Her Popularity, Talents and Controversies

Taylor Swift, Her Popularity, Talents and Controversies
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The most popular and top-selling artist of 2021 has been the titled to the beguiling singer and songwriter, Taylor Swift. With her record-breaking achievements and hit melodies, she has made the country and pop music at the top. Her music genre that can be seen is mostly country and pop, but recently there are lots of songs where she has added light rock, hip pop, folk, and many more.


Critically popular for her songs against her ex-boyfriends and her enemies, she has consistently figured out to present herself as the strongest woman. She recalls her struggling phase and encourages all the aspirants to never pay attention to the negativity and abandon their dreams.


  1. How was the early life of Taylor swift?

Born in 1989 December 13, Taylor Alison Swift spent her initial years cheerfully with her parents in Pennsylvania. Her dad was a stockbroker and her mom prior to being a housemaker was a mutual fund marketing executive. Thus, she wanted to become a financial advisor. She was a timid child and regularly bullied by her school friends. Her grandmother inspired and motivated Taylor to pursue a music career who was a professional opera singer. This is when Taylor shifted her desire to become a singer.


She performed in musical theatre, nearby celebrations, and events after her vocal and acting lessons in New York City at the exceptionally young age of 11. Longing to pursue a music career, she submitted demo tapes at age 11, to Nashville record labels. But she was rejected. At 12, she had already figured out how to play guitar and furthermore had composed a song “Lucky You”. Her parents admired her determination for her love of music. So they relocated to Hendersonville, Tennessee, when Taylor was 14 years old


  1. How and when Taylor Swift became Famous?

Taylor Swift Started writing sessions with many experienced songwriters who still admire her talents and dedications, and her clear vision. At age 14, she signed a contract with Sony/ATV Tree Publishing House becoming the youngest artist to sign a deal.


Swift’s talent was perceived by the executive of Big Machine Records. Taylor soon worked on her debut album named” Taylor Swift”. In the US Billboard 200, the album was peaked at number 5, in 2006. Her second album “Fearless” (2008) was number one on the Billboard 200. Fearless exhibited her worldwide as it was the top-selling album of 2009 in the US. Around the same year, she was named “Artist of the Year” by Billboard. Afterward, she never had to look back as she has been contributing phenomenon performances till today and has got success.


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  1. Taylor Swift Struggles

Taylor Swift was born into a wealthy and very supportive family. Thus, she didn’t have financial problems and never had to battle for her career. However, the following are some of the difficulties she mentions:


  • She recalls her childhood school days not memorable as she was tormented by her classmates.
  • Her demo tape was rejected by Nashville Record Labels when she had huge expectations.
  • She has consistently mentioned that she feels outcast in the music industry. It has been always uncomfortable for her to fit in the celebrity group and felt the loneliest.
  • She has recently revealed that she struggled with an eating disorder as she wanted an ideal body.


  1. Taylor swift Controversies:
  • During the VMA award, Taylor had won Best Female Video Award. But Kanye West interrupted and said that Taylor was unworthy of the award.
  • In 2019, Taylor accused Scooter Braun of Purchasing all Taylor’s first six Masters Music rights without her consent, from Big Machine Records. Even Justin and Ariana were hauled into the feud.
  • Taylor has openly talked about Joe Jonas breaking up with her in just 27 seconds over the phone cal.
  • Taylor Swift has a long list of ex-boyfriends and usually, her songs become controversial


  1. What are the greatest Achievements of Taylor swift? How many awards has Taylor swift achieved?

Taylor Swift has extensive awards and accomplishments in different categories.

Altogether Taylor has won 431 awards so far with 925 nominations. Here are some significant awards:

  • Grammy Awards: 11 won, 41 nominations
  • Billboard Music Awards: 25 won, 63 nominations
  • American Music Awards: 32 won, 39 nominations
  • Songwriters Hall of Fame: 1 won, 1 nomination
  • Academy of Country Music Awards: 8 won, 30 nominations
  • Among these, she was listed as the 100 most powerful woman in 2015. She also ranked first in the Forbes Celebrity 100 in 2016 and 2019.


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FAQs about Taylor Swift
  • How old is Taylor Swift?
    • As of 2021, Taylor is 31 years old.


  • What is Taylor Swift Net Worth?
    • According to Forbes, she is worth is estimated to be $365 million


  • Was Taylor Swift’s family rich?
    • Yes, her family was rich. Her family owned an 11-acre Christmas Farm as well as her both parents had a very successful career.


  • Are Taylor Swift’s parents still married?
    • No, Taylor’s parents separated in 2011.


  • What is the album released in 2021?
    • She released re-recorded album “Red” and “Fearless” as she had promised after the Scooter Braun drama.


  • How many Exes does Taylor have?
    • As of 2021, she has had 12 exes and her songs are inspired by them.


  • How many cats does Taylor have?
    • Taylor has 3 cats as of 2021. They are named, Meredith Grey, Olivia Benson, and Benjamin Button.


  • Does Taylor write all her songs?
    • No, Taylor does not write all the songs she had sung. But she is the writer and co-writer of most of the songs. In most of the albums, she is solely credited for all the songs.


  • Next Concert of Taylor Swift?
    • Because of the Covid pandemic, Taylor has not planned any concert/stage performance for now.


  • How many followers does Taylor have on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter? 
    • Instagram: 181 million Followers
    • YouTube: 43.7 million Subscribers
    • Twitter: 88.9 million followers


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