Squid Game Series: Interesting Facts of Squid Game

Squid Game Series: Interesting Facts of Squid Game
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The Squid Game series has been an internet sensation since its first episode released worldwide on September 17, 2021. Its fame soared in such a way that even various celebrities do not sit back to tweet about it. This South Korean Survival Drama is a combination of Action, Thriller, and Reality.


The Squid Game season 1 series has a total of nine episodes. They are

Episode 1: Red Light Green Light

Episode 2: Hell

Episode 3: The Man with the Umbrella

Episode 4: Stick to the Team

Episode 5: A Fair World

Episode 6: Gganbu

Episode 7: VIPS

Episode 8: Front Man

Episode 9: One Lucky Day


The unrealistic reality of Squid Game Series

The series appears to be unrealistic. However, director Hwang Dong-hyuk has represented the serious social as well as financial crisis of this world. Indeed, that is not simply the issue of South Korea. This is the reality-based story just introduced in a thrilling manner where each individual can associate.

There have been numerous hypotheses with respect to this series. Every single scene has brilliantly portrayed human emotions, desire for power, greed. This series gives some taste of movie “Parasite”. With full of metaphors portraying the struggle of the low-class people for surviving in society. Whereas, rich people are shown playing with the life of such minor people, just for entrainment. But that’s what human does when in the first episode the main character was shown betting in the horse. Human uses animals for the entertainment.


The character development of actors from humble human beings to loss of morality is what the reality is of today’s social world. Most of the people watched this show for entertainment at first. But after watching this show, the Squid game will never be seen as just a kid’s game that is played for fun. This show impacts you so deep that makes you want to binge-watch these 9 episodes in a day.

The violent bloody scenes are the resemblance of the actual murder of civilization and the honor of the low-class individuals without bloodshed. The desperate contestants seek to end debt. They are obliged to come back to the game even realizing they can be murdered anytime. This dark-themed series’ action moves quickly where you feel thrilled, guilt, and miserable at the same time.


Interesting Facts about Squid Game series

  1. The name of the “Squid game” was originally named “round six” as it has six games. But it was changed later.
  2. The series script was written for film. The director/writer Hwang Dong-hyuk started working in 2008 and it required half a month to finish the first draft.
  3. Since 2009 the present internet sensation series was rejected for 10 years.
  4. The number shown in the card in the first episode is the real number of Korean citizens. The person has reported that he gets more than 4000 calls per day.
  5. The huge doll shown in the red-light, green light episode was inspired by the cartoon picture. It was on the school book cover of South Korea.
  6. There were more games considered to be added but they couldn’t fit in the series
  7. Who could imagine that this is the debut series of brilliant performer Hoyean Jung
  8. All the actions shown are solely done by the actors themselves. No, stunt doubles are taken.
  9. For the promotion, the sets in the series have been recreated in different countries like the Philippines, Paris, Abu Dhabi, and South Korea. Cafe was opened in Paris. A Squid Game-themed event is being organized in Abu Dhabi.


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Netflix Highest watched web series: Squid Game

It’s incredible to see the world is appreciating the show and dominating in ninety countries and the charts. It has been dubbed in different languages. This show is the showcase of friendship, betrayal, and sacrifice. It triggers the ruthlessness and horror of society as well as criticizes capitalism and questions humanity.

Hwang has used real-life news in its last episode because he wanted to show how debt is ballooning because of various reasons. In the last episode where old man strongly believes humanity has ended. But then the positive main character wins when it proved humanity is still alive. Indeed, humankind is yet alive within each one of us. The series has an open end with an unexpected plot twist. Fans are hanging tight for the second season already.


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FAQs on Squid Game Series


  1. Is the squid game a real game?
    • Yes, it is a real game that was played by kids in the 70s and 80s in South Korea.
  1. Is the squid game scary to watch?
    • The series gives you goosebumps in every scene. Your heart is filled with thrills during the watch. If you are not a fan of the thrilling show, it’s better not to watch
  1. Is the Squid Game Series Disturbing?
    • Well, the series is the representation of the dark side with bloodshed and violent scenes. Thus, it’s disturbing.
  1. Is the second season of Squid Game coming?
    • Director Hwang Dong-hyuk has not planned for 2nd season soon.


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