Snowdrop 1st episode released

Snowdrop 1st episode released
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Snowdrop is the most anticipated drama starring Kim Jisoo from Blackpink and Jung Hae-in. The first episode of snowdrop was released yesterday. The drama is set in ancient times of 1987 during the Democratic movement of South Korea. Kim Jisoo is a university student who discovers injured Jung Hae-in. He is part of a political movement. She hides him from the government. And the story develops further unfolding his secrets along with their relationship.


Snowdrop is Jisoo’s first drama

Snowdrop is Jisoo’s first drama. I have seen the first episode and her acting skills are top-notch. Her expression and emotion speak experienced actress. Her character is lively and bright. Jung Hae-in acting has always been the best. In the snowdrop drama too we can see him bringing his character. They have the perfect chemistry in Snowdrop. The opening song is nostalgic and emotional. Overall the drama is interesting and I can’t wait for the next episode.


Blackpink members Rose and Lisa are also excited about her drama. They have posted in their Instagram stories showing their support to Snowdrop. Blinks or Blackpink fans and the drama fans like me can’t wait for more.


Drama Review

Feedback is yet to come, people are waiting for another episode as well trailer looks good. There are touches of humor as well which will make you laugh at various moments. In My opinion, the actors have done a really good job to justify their roles.

The cinematic and Screenplay looks good which is also the USP factor to boost this drama. The main thing is content and looking the first episodes I think the content is good and will be loved by people.


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Go, watch the drama and share your thoughts. Also, give feedback whether you like it or not and comment below if I missed anything here.


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