Skai Jackson Net Worth, Career, Height, Age, Parents, and Dating Life

Skai Jackson Net Worth, Career, Height, Age, Parents, and Dating Life
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Skai Jackson is a popular Disney sweetheart who is also part of many other ventures.  The actor was already working when she was a baby at 9 months old. She used to model as a kid. She has featured in commercials like Bandage aid, Coca-cola, Pepsi, etc. Kiya Cole is the mother of a Disney star who is behind Skai Jackson’s career molding.

Skai Syed Jackson is already an established and accomplished actor as of 2022. She has more money than any regular teenager could ever have. Skai Jackson has a big social media presence, and her pictures are viral now and then. The 19-year-old worked with the famous rapper Lil Nas X in his music video.

This article dives into Skai Jackson’s net worth, career, height, age, and birthday, who are Skai Jackson’s mom and dad, Dating life, etc.

What is Skai Jackson Net worth?

As a child actor, she rose to prominence and shined as a model. Skai Jackson in the year 2022 is roughly around $1 million. Jackson’s riches come from a massive fan following on the internet, her acting, and modeling career. She is also an author. Skai Jackson’s book “Reach for the Sky’’ made 6 figures selling it to the crown at auctions. Besides that, she charges some reasonable amount as her salary. She is not limited to acting, modeling, and writing books. The Liberty Kid star has her clothing line where she sells collared shirts and cropped sneakers.

Skai Jackson’s Net worth is one of the reasons she flaunts a great style and accessories. At kid’s choice awards she wore a brocade top which cost her $380 and a Debora cod pants worth $650. The teen sensation was sporting $450 satin sandals and a Dior bag worth $995.

The Actor is massive on social platforms.  She is also a YouTuber.  The rebound actress has 1.5 million subscribers on her channel.  She earns from the ad revenues generated on her channel which adds up to Skai Jackson’s net worth.  Since, she is an influencer she gets numerous brand deals, advertisements, and sponsorships. Skai’s Instagram has 7.7 million followers while she is also big on Skai TikTok.

Skai Jackson’s Career

Jackson’s first major break was in 2007 with Liberty kid, and then she did a role in an episode of rescue me.  In 2009, she appeared in the movie, Rebound. In the year 2010, followed by another year she did cameos in TV series.

Skai expressed that she sees herself as a producer and a director soon. The sky is the limit for Skai Jackson. If that was not enough, Skai Jackson was selected as an official ambassador for Teen Vogue. She participated in Dancing with the stars.

The teenager recently was in controversy when a person stated the TikTok star would bully her back in school. The feud went on for some time and the Influencer has to come up with an explanation regarding the issue. Jackson also had a cold war with the rapper, Bhad Bhabie.

What is Skai Jackson’s Age? 

 Skai Jackson is 19-year-old and will turn 20 on April 8, 2022.

How tall is Skai Jackson?

Skai Jackson is 5 feet and 4 inches tall which is pretty average for American women. She is of average height as per international standards.

Who are Skai Jackson’s mom and dad?

Skai Jackson’s father’s name is Jacob and her mother goes by the name Kiya. Skai’s parents are no longer together. After the divorce, Skai stays with Kiya. Kiya also looks after Skai Jackson’s professional career and manages her partly. Kiya walks with Skai during red carpets and events.

Is Skai Jackson dating someone in 2022?

Skai Jackson is a private person and there is no news of her romance. There were some gossip making rounds in 2021 about Skai having a fling with Juelz Smith; Nephew of Beyoncé. Needless to say, they have refused dating rumors. 

As of the year 2022, Skai Jackson is not dating anyone nor is in a relationship with anyone. She is single.

Skai Jackson wiki

Full NameSkai Syed Jackson
DOBApril 8, 2002
ProfessionActor, Author
Age (As of 2022)19
Relationship StatusSingle
Years Active2007-Present


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