Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan got arrested in a drug case

Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan got arrested in a drug case
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Sharukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan got arrested in a drug case. Aryan Khan is in trouble after the NCB raid on the cruise ship where the party was going on. The incident happened on Saturday, 2nd of October 2021. Along with Aryan khan, there are other 7 people whose names are yet to be disclosed. Aryan Khan’s medical examination is conducted by NCB and a report is yet to come. according to the Indian newspaper AajTak.

NCB team enter the cruise by being a passenger which was going to Goa from Mumbai. There are other celebrities and rich people at this party. NCB found the drugs in the bags of passengers including female passengers on the cruise. Aryan khan’s lawyer said that he was invited as a guest initially and hasn’t charged any money for it. However, there is also news coming that he has accepted of consuming it. He has been in one-day custody from Kila court. Sameer Wankhede is a popular and very good officer and has handled lots of cases in NCB and customs.


Shahrukh Khan on Arryan Khan Arrest

There are no statements from Shahrukh Khan until now and he is also not seen at the NCB office. Gauri Khan SRK’s wife and Aryan mom were spotted at the NCB office. Aryan Khan will be in real trouble if there is any active involvement found and proved. Shahrukh khan was about to leave for Spain for the shooting of his upcoming movie Pathaan. Aryan Khan’s mobile was ceased by the NCB officers and chats were checked. The best lawyer Satish Man Sindh is on the Job for his son. He has also handled Salman Khan, Sanjay Dutta, and Reya Chakraborty cases.

The Cordella cruise shipowner said that we are not aware of anything like this. Our standard procedure is to serve tourists and we have no clue of any drugs or anything by the tourist.  Sunil Shetty said let’s give the child opportunity and wait for the reports. He said he is just a child and taking care of his responsibility. Salman Khan also visited Shahrukh Khan’s house after this arrest. SRK trying very hard to get his son out of this. We will be updating you on Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan got arrested in a drug case.


About Aryan Khan

Name:                                Aryan Khan

DOB:                                  13.Nov.1997 (Age 24)

Birth Place:                       Delhi

Father:                             Shah Rukh Khan

Mother:                            Gauri Khan

Education:                       Graduation (California)

Interest:                         Movie Direction


The news also coming that NCB does not seek further custody now and the bail is about to file by Aryan Khan’s lawyer.

Aryan Khan’s custody was extended and bail denied.

Why is Bollywood in the regular news related to drugs?

Bollywood is a place where skills and connections both matter the most. You have to compromise in many ways if you haven’t any of these. The pressure of staying in the limelight and managing finance becomes very difficult. It is very difficult to get jobs here especially if you don’t have connections. The pressure leads to depression and people ultimately choose this path of consuming drugs. Secondly is party culture where you build the connection and have to consume these as a showoff.

There are lots of stars and artists who are in regular news of the consumption of drugs. Nowadays star kids also get in the regular news of these parties and consumption.

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