Scope of IT in Nepal

Scope of IT in Nepal
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Are you wondering about the Scope of IT in Nepal? Here, we have detailed information regarding the course.


We are in the 21st century; most things have become virtual. The computer is used in every sector of our life. For example agriculture, government work, hospital, and health care, etc. We can implement IT in ministry, communication, security, etc.


IT deals with computer systems, communication, cyber security, etc. organizations have taken an approach in the IT field. According to a recent article, this is one of the courses on demand. Companies are always looking for responsible youth. They are trying hard to fulfill technical, public demands.


The scope of IT is very high in today’s world. IT stands for Information Technology. There are two major courses of IT at the bachelor’s level. The first is Bachelor’s in Information technology or BIT. The other is Computer science and Information Technology (CSIT).


Advantages of studying IT in Nepal:


  1. Has multiple career choices.
  2. Good income and pay rate.
  3. More connections with people.
  4. Modernize and develop skills.
  5. Can be used in many fields of work.
  6. The scope of IT in Nepal getting wider.


Difference between BIT and CSIT:


The simple difference is, BIT is a foreign course and CSIT is a course of Nepal. And a major difference is BIT is from management. BSc CSIT is from science.


CSIT is quite similar to Computer engineering. It is a perfect blend of computer engineering and Information Technology. CSIT has slightly more scope than BIT. Only students with a science background in +2 can pursue CSIT. However, there are areas where you can find scope of IT in Nepal without having a science background.


Universities offering IT in Nepal: Major universities offering IT programs in Nepal.


Tribhuvan University offers BSC CSIT and BIT. Purbanchal University offers Bachelor’s in computer engineering (BE), computer application, and BIT. Kathmandu University offers computer engineering. And Pokhara University offers BE, engineering in IT, software engineering, and BCA.


The international degree can also be obtained from Nepal. The British college, Islington, Software, etc provides foreign degrees.


Colleges offering IT in Nepal:


There are many colleges in Nepal offering BIT. There are also institute that offers diploma. Students from the poor community opt for diplomas. There are many colleges in affiliation with Asian, European colleges in Nepal. The top colleges are;


Herald College (Bishalnagar, Kathmandu)

KIST College (Kamalpokhari, Kathmandu)

Patan Multiple Campus (PMC)

Amrit Science Campus

Bhaktapur Multiple Campus

Crimson College of Technology (Rupandehi)

Malpi Institute (Baluwatar)

Informatics College (Pokhara, Gandaki)


Scope of IT:

IT graduates can pursue their careers in different fields. We can get jobs easily as many job opportunities. Some top organization is also in need of IT personals. Many students choose this field due to growing opportunities for employment. We can also take part in training, internships, or join a governmental project. We have free control over our choice. Some scopes of IT in Nepal are;


Software Development

IT Business Analyst

IT officer and professionals

Websites (web) designer

Network Administrator

Database Administrator

Database developers and designers

Mobile Application Developers

Network Security Specialist

Graphic designing

Game development and design

Computer Programming

IT manager


You get a good starting payment. With the increase in your knowledge, your salary increases. An expert may even earn lakhs of rupees in a month. Based on the increase in your expertise, department, and country you work in affects your salary. Professional workers can also work online or offline. They can work in national or even international companies.


Other similar courses:


Computer Engineer

Software Engineering

Computer Applications

Computer Networking and Telecommunication

Computer Hardware ( it deals with the computer frameworks)



Students also prefer plans of abroad studies for completing their degree. Many renowned Indian colleges are popular among students. Most of the institutes there are a lot cheaper in comparison. And do not require visas for Nepali students. They also have highly developing industries and promote academic progress.


Bangkok, Thailand, Jaipur are some best destinations to study. Here, you can learn new technologies and complete your education. They have a good implementation of modern technologies.


With proper knowledge, we can build our own company with a great alliance. We can design graphics, projects, and operating software. This Field has endless possibilities for the candidates. we can work on our terms and policy. we can also set our own goals. we can have access to agencies, advance investment opportunities, etc.


Java, Python, Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, etc are some additional applications used by students. On the current ongoing condition, you can master these apps for better opportunities. After an educational requirement, these tools help you to search for better jobs.


Companies encourage economic studies, political awareness, leadership, implementing coordination, and the ability to tackle issues. Including this field of forestry, environmental health hygiene studies are increasingly on-demand. Studies of counseling, Marketing


Some other places where computer knowledge can be used:


Video editing


Designing web portals

Editing photos, texture, and size

Journal writing


Drawing illustrations

Building designing

Visual designs


IT also helps in preventing cybercrimes. It also helps writers and authors to write and publish their work. It has also helped in creating a creative concept, and data and budget planning. This is required both global and the scope of IT in Nepal is getting wider now.

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