Rosa Bonilla was jailed after spending more than $756,000

Rosa Bonilla was jailed after spending more than $756,000
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Rosa Bonilla was sentenced to prison for embezzlement. Rosa Bonilla was jailed after spending more than $756,000. On allegations of fraud and the theft of money intended for social programs. The former first lady of Honduras was given a 14-year prison term.

According to the public ministry, Porfirio Lobo’s ex-wife, Rosa Bonilla, spent about $756,609.

She spent this on personal credit card payments, her kids’ school costs, and home development.

According to Carlos Silva, a spokesman for the Supreme Court of Justice Rosa Elena Bonilla, she has been given a 14-year prison term. For her offences of continuing fraud and misappropriating public funds intended for charitable programs.

At a preliminary trial, Rosa Bonilla received a sentence of 58 years in jail. However, the verdict was overturned. After a military takeover removed the previous president, Manuel Zelaya, Bonilla’s husband was elected in late 2009 and in office until 2014.

The Honduran Supreme Court overturned Bonilla’s previous conviction and 58-year sentence. It is in the early months of 2020, claiming the trial was riddled with irregularities.

In March of this year, a lower court convicted Bonilla guilty and the Supreme Court ordered a retrial.

A US judge sentenced Bonilla’s and Lobo’s son, Fabio Lobo, to plead guilty to conspiring to bring cocaine into the country. After pleading guilty to charges of conspiring to import cocaine into the US, he was sentenced to 24 years in prison in 2017.

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