Reasons to buy property in Kathmandu

Reasons to buy property in Kathmandu
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Nepal Land and Housing Association (NLDHA) says that the prices of lands in Nepal have grown by 300% since 2003. According to statistics, the land prices have been increasing at 40 to 50 percent in town areas. The growth rate is almost similar for houses, and the same study shows that housing accounts for 15-35 percent of Nepal’s total investment. Real state is an everlasting commercial business sector and carries huge present and future potential. Here we can find out lots of reasons to buy property in Kathmandu for an investment.

Kathmandu is a dream city for every citizen of Nepal. Kathmandu is the capital city of the Nation, and it is equipped with modern technologies, better infrastructure, access to institutions, and the availability of esteemed job opportunities. These characteristics have drawn a huge interest of people to invest in the city and get a piece of land in their name. If you are wondering whether or not that’s a wise choice, let me tell you it indeed is.

Here are some reasons why you must buy a property in Kathmandu

  1. It will be a great future investment. The price of the land increased insanely in decades and it will gon looking at the demand and poulation.
  2. Favorable weather conditions. Kathmandu has one of the best weather among various cities of Nepal.
  3. Opportunities and lifestyle. Kathmandu is filled with opportunities and the lifestyles here are good.
  4.  Better access to infrastructures. Kathmandu is the capital so there is access to health, education, food, and transportation available.
  5. The rising Price. This will be the perfect time to invest in land otherwise the hike in the price makes it difficult to buy one.

There are other various reasons why one should invest in land in Kathmandu. The population of Nepal has been increasing, and thus the demand for housing. Nepal Land and Housing Association says that by 2023, we will need at least 900,000 new constructions to reach people’s demands of houses at that time. At the same time, each year, the housing construction in Nepal is increasing by 20% to 30%. Being the capital city one can be assured that the investment for land and housing, Apartments, flats, or house rentals can prove to be excellent sources of passive income. Actually, in some households in Kathmandu, rent is the primary source of income.

At present, the national demand for houses and apartments is about 140,000, but Nepal is only able to construct 25,000 units. This means there is more than enough potentials in the Nepal real estate market, so buying a house or land in Nepal at this time is one of the best ideas you can get. A better life standard, huge career opportunities, business start-ups, established corporate companies, and a lot more have been stored up for you if you are looking forward to moving to Kathmandu.

Buy Realestate in Kathmandu and get connected with sellers and Property dealers

If you are looking forward to buying land, Houses, Flats, Apartments in Kathmandu city then you may look up the availabilities, price, and other service resentments at Damaru is Nepal local search engine app that helps to connect buyers and sellers from anywhere in Nepal. You can also look for alternative and nearby areas of Bhaktapur & Lalitpur as they are also having similar weather. These are the district that has similar weather, infrastructure, and culture and offers less price compare to Kathmandu.

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