Real Problem of Tourism in Nepal

Real Problem of Tourism in Nepal
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Here we understand the Real Problem of Tourism in Nepal. By the end of 2019, the tourism sector was supporting 6.9% of the GDP of the nation. Before the Covid-19 Pandemic, the yearly flow of tourists was in Lakhs. In 2019, 1,197,191 tourists were visiting Nepal which eventually went down due to the worldwide lockdown but is picking its original pace in recent months.


Nepal is a naturally gifted country that has a huge scope for tourism. Mountaineering, Hiking, Camping, rafting, canyoning, bungee, rural habitat, Natural abundance, and many such aspects attract a huge number of people from around the globe. One might wonder why a country, with such potential of tourism, lacks behind in it. There are numerous reasons behind it,


  1. Lack of advertisement of tourism in Nepal:

Despite having the best visiting places, beautiful lakes, and rivers, the world’s largest and tallest mountains, huge cultural diversity, we are unable to attract the desired number of tourists due to the lack of advertisement. There are hardly any ads that are circulated on multinational levels which reaches the majority of the people throughout the globe. Due to this, there are millions of people who are unknown about our country and the beauty it holds.


  1. Lack of proper tourism Management:

Despite having huge potential to yield foreign money and the possibility of upgrading the nation’s GDP, the government makes very little effort in strengthening and improving this sector. There is a lack of proper guides and even when there4 are any experienced guides they are the bare minimum in numbers due to which only a few get proper guidance. Lack of proper equipment for trekking and mountaineering, very limited guide maps, etc.


  1. Taxation:

If you look up at the taxes charged for tourists in Nepal you will be astonished. Starting from ticket fairs to Hotels, Parks, Cultural heritages, and other places. This discourages the travelers and also cuts off their expenditure on local purchases and local expenditure. This severely impacts the local people who look forward to tourism as their source of income.

  1. Security

Although security is a major challenge to the travel and tourism industry, many industry leaders have failed to confront security issues. A majority of tourism offices or visitors lack or have almost no contact with law enforcement departments. Many police departments also lack officers who are trained in tourism-oriented policing or protection services.


  1. Globalization

Globalization has created less distinctive locales. Due to global standardization, indistinguishable products are found in every country. If a person is traveling in order to learn or have an opportunity to explore the different and unique, then the lack of unique products becomes a tourism challenge


The importance of tourism is uncanny. It is very important to start paying proper attention to this sector, invest in experienced professionals, and equip the nation with better tools and items. Promote the nation on a global level and try to uplift the nation through local growth. These things are a must for solving the problem of tourism in Nepal.

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