Questions to ask on your first date

Questions to ask on your first date
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First dates are always uncomfortable. The most difficult thing is to hold a conversation. Here, are some are questions to ask on your first date to your partners.

Dating has various meanings. In a general sense, it refers to going out with someone to explore each other. Partners do this to find if they are compatible or not. Dating helps in improving a relationship. There are several kinds of dates. In every relationship, the first date is always a little awkward. Couples always find it hard to have a conversation with another person.

On your first date, you must appear neat and clean. You should be confident in yourself and genuine. Most people believe that the first impression is the last. So, Make sure you are dressed nicely and have your favorite perfume.

Asking good questions on your first date is very important. It helps in having a smooth conversation and makes you look interested. Asking questions also helps you know your date better. So, here are a few questions you can ask your date:

Here are the questions to ask on your first date


What is the One thing you want to get better at?

You can ask this particular question in many ways. Finding their interest in learning can help you explore them. And talking about something they are passionate about makes them happy.

What is your pet peeve?

Finding out what someone despises can help you avoid doing it. Talking about it can give you a better understanding of that person. Ask them whether they are easily stressed or have good capability to withstand it.

Also, talk about their biggest fear.

What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you?

Sharing embarrassing moments can help you get closer to the person. But, only if they are comfortable while sharing it with you. Don’t pressure them if they are not ok with it. Also, try sharing some of your embarrassing moments to make them more comfortable.

Who is/are the most important being in your life?

Talk to your partner about their parents, siblings, friends, etc. You can also talk about their pets if they have one. Figuring out a person by the way they talk about others is easy. Ask them to share about the people who have had a huge impact on their life.

What is something that makes you feel proud?

You can ask about their accomplishments, awards, etc. You can also ask about their role model. Their plans and how they are working towards it. You can also talk about the things on their bucket list.

What is your favorite book or movie?

Talking about their favorite genre can help you know their interests. You can ask about the book they love. You can also talk about movies, songs or artists. You can find if you share the same taste or not. If not you can ask for their advice on that certain genre.

What is your favorite vacation destination? 

You can discuss their last vacation. You can also ask about the favorite vacations they have gone on. The place on their bucket list.

What is the best joke you have ever heard?

Ask about the strangest pick-up lines or jokes they have heard. You can also ask about the weirdest conversation. Getting to know a person’s sense of humor helps you know their personality. Laughing together also helps bring you guys together.

What is your favorite childhood memory?

Exploring each other’s childhood memory is fun, nostalgic, and important. Knowing about the kind of environment they grew in helps you know them better. Sharing personal experiences can spice up a conversation.

What is something you like doing in your free time?

Ask how they spend their holiday. Ask about their hobbies, morning or night routine. You can also talk about the adventures they have gone on and the things they want to do. Ask what job they wanted to do as a child.

There are several other questions you can ask. You can ask about a typical day in their life. You can talk about their personality types. You can also have a deep conversation on their belief in religion and politics. There are other several topics you can explore. You can also use the other general conversation starters.

Above all make sure that you listen to them properly. Don’t pressure them to open up if they don’t feel like it. provide them a safe and comfortable space.


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