PUBG Addiction

PUBG Addiction
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During the lockdown, PUBG was my distraction. Under the influence of my friend, I installed the app and it barely took me a day to get hooked to the game. With not much work in hand and being confined within four walls, PUBG became my addiction. On some days I even spent 7-8 hours playing it, and if you think that is worst you have yet not heard from people who spent 15-16 hours playing it.

Gaming is known for the improvement of stress and anxiety. It helps produce Serotonin which helps people feel good and happy. There is without a doubt an adverse effect on people when exploited beyond the optimum. People get so engaged in the game that they overlook their responsibilities, work, sleep, food. There were are many cases where the player got so into the game that they stayed at the same places for hours and some even had a heart attack due to the adrenalin rush during the gaming time.  Many people spend huge amounts on the purchase of Royal Pass.

Gaming Can lead someone to addiction

Addiction mostly relates to something which might cause harm. Although PUBG would cause you no harm, it would do you no good either. PUBG, for most people, isn’t a game that they’ll enjoy and play for a few minutes just for entertainment. It becomes a top priority and you cannot think of anything else. Uninstalling it isn’t a viable solution because you are already so much dependent on it. So instead of giving it up completely at once, try cutting your gaming hours short. Start playing in Arcade mode, it is an intense battle of 8 minutes, and playing few more times will not take more than 30-60 Minutes. Once you have played the game a couple of times, get control over it and stop it for the day.

Sticking to the commitment of limited playing hours can be fruitful. Keep moving even when you are stuck at home. Try exercise or yoga, simply go for a run, or get involved in some outdoor activity. If you can’t leave the house and have no other medium to distract yourself, start cooking. Bake new items, try new things in the kitchen. Arrange the cupboard that you have never glanced at other times than stuffing clothes.

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Here is a list of what can be effective to get rid of the addiction of PUBG below:

  • Limit the playing Hour.
  • Play in Arcade mode as it has small game time.
  • Get involved in other physical activity, doesn’t necessarily have to be outdoor, can be indoor chores as well.
  • Stop watching the game plays on YouTube as it may distract you from your commitment.
  • Count your productivity every day.
  • Spend more time interacting with people and family.
  • Try taking online courses for the development of soft and hard skills.
  • Uninstall the app.


The negative impact of PUBG

These side effects of PUBG addiction can deteriorate your health both physically and mentally.



Excessive violence in a game can affect the mental health of the player as it provokes aggressive emotions, thoughts, and behavior



Being addicted to the game makes you less productive. All you do the entire day is sit in front of a screen or with your phone and play the game. This affects both your mental health as well as physical health



Gamers are usually introverts who tend to have the least social interaction skills. They are so invested and perfect in the virtual world that they will lose the track of reality.



Just sitting in a place for long hours can promote a lot of physical illnesses like obesity and back pain. Also, staring at a screen for long can affect your eyesight and induce headaches



Being isolated from people and dependent on the virtual world tends to make one socially incompetent. They find the social reality disturbing and get overwhelmed easily which eventually disturbs their mental wellbeing.



Sitting in front of the screen may strain your eyes but will not make you physically tired. So even when you decide to call it day, you will not be able to sleep. You will also experience sleep disorders



If you or your close ones are a PUBG addict, you will know that more than 6 hours a day is spent on the game. That means you are not productive for that long. After which you lose interest in everything else and do nothing all day long. PUBG addiction will be killing your productivity in many ways.


These methods have been proven effective for me at now I am better focused on my daily works and responsibility.  I still play the game somethings, it helps me keep my mind off things and reduce stress. Having learned how to use gaming for personal benefit without being addicted can be a huge discovery for a happy state of mind.



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