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The year 2020, was the worst year, I had a tough time planning after graduation. Personally, I have a very bad experience that year. I was a fresh graduate then and like any millennial, I was totally clueless on what would be my next step. Having various ideas regarding master’s course, whether applying abroad was a good choice, which country would do better justice to my career plan, and what not, coming to a sane conclusion was the most difficult thing to do.


Doesn’t every fresh graduate feel the same? If you are one of those people who have their life figured out, I envy you. The rest of us, we pretty much are at war with ourselves, here are few suggestions from my experience.


Planning for Masters.

There is numerous master’s program offered in Nepal that a fresh/in break graduates can choose from. These programs are affiliated with various universities. The most renowned ones are:


  1. Tribhuvan University
  2. Kathmandu University
  3. Pokhara University
  4. Purwanchal University.


The most preferred University amongst these is TU. It is a public university that has been in operation since 1995 and delivering quality education. It is not as expensive as the private ones but the fees might differ with the subject choices. Kathmandu University is a private uni that allows students to explore the creative aspect of studying, is better equipped, and has highly trained professionals. Pokhara University operates from Pokhara but has various colleges operating in various places in the country under its affiliation. Purwanchal University is the least preferred university choice. It is infamous for the delay in the publication of exam routine, changing exam schedules and unreliable exam dates, late result publication.

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Planning for Abroad Studies after graduation.

Often young people tend to fly abroad in search of a better lifestyle, better opportunity, Stigmatized free mobility, availability of choices, and many more factors. If you are one amongst them then applying for a student visa can be your shot. Applying abroad is a teddies process. Starting from scoring well at IELTS, GRE, Toffel, one has to spend huge time managing documents for processing, collect all the academic documents, write countless Statement of Purpose (SoP) for university, get connected to professors from the desired university. Once you survive all these and finally are granted with visa, all that trouble suddenly becomes worth it.

Studying masters abroad can be very expensive and not many can afford it.

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Startups are another idea after graduation.

Many people prefer having their own startups. It is not necessary to have a huge amount of money for an initial investment. One can simply start small with limited capital and manpower, as time goes by and there is an outcome to your work you will find the result satisfactory. One can start the business by partnering with their friends, seeking help from relatives and seniors, etc.


Deciding on a career is a tough job, especially after graduation. The wise thing to do in such is to have a calm head and collect various ideas, look for the available course, write emails to abroad university, seek for colleges which offer scholarships for master’s program. I hope you have got some idea on planning after graduation, please share your view.

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