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I remember my grandma use to own a cat Nimmi, which was her name. She always said that after the death of my grandfather it was Nimmi that held her together. During the most detest period of her life, her pet was her best companion who purred with pain during her tears and kept her sane during the hard hours. My grandma was devastated when Nimmi was severely sick and the doctor had suggested putting her down. To date whenever I ask my Grandma if she ever regrets having Nimmi her only answer is ”That cat was one amongst beautiful beings I Nurture”. It took me a while to understand that Nimmi was no less than a daughter to her and she loved every moment they had with each other.

That is the kind of impact pets have on our life. They make us whole and bring out the best in us.  Unlike the cat, there are other pets that bring a smile to your face.


A gloomy dark day, howling wind making it difficult to see ahead, with the stress of the stressful day you unlock your house door and as soon as the door open your little fur baby leaps into your arms suddenly, life is good.

Having a pet lightens your life. No matter how difficult the day has been, or how demotivated and unproductive, this bundle of happiness will help you feel worthy and loved in no time. Animals have always been regarded as man’s best friend. There are the only selfless creatures who exhibit pure and untanned love. Maybe that is a major reason why many animals are used during therapy sessions to help people suffering from anxiety to calm down. Some people who live far from their family prefer having a pet at home for the company.

Here are some Pets that brings a smile to your face and are the perfect companion

Parrot as a pet

Birds can be a good pet

Dogs, Cats, Fish, Tortoises, and Birds are the most preferred pets in any household. Now, the choices of a pet depend on its companion. Some go to the extreme level of grooming tigers, Cheetah, and alligators as pets whereas some prefer snakes, rabbits, and even rats. Many parents tend to adopt animals to have a companion to their child and to teach them to be more responsible through the grooming of the pet. In today’s time, where the concept of family has been bigger than just kinship or blood ties, pets have become an integral human part and these are undoubtingly the pets that bring a smile to your face. People tend to give pets their family name and love and nurture them as their own.

Buy Pets in Nepal

Owning a pet is like having a child. You nourish them, feed them, bathe them, and stick by their side on good and bad days. The presence of a pet has never left anyone disappointed, the only time your pet will ever break your heart is when you will have to put him down for good on its final days. You can find complete pet products online and in nearby pet stores.


If you are ready to be loved unconditionally and to love someone with all your heart you need to get yourself a pet. The journey with them isn’t going to be a bed of roses, but Hey, a Furbaby is far more worth tears and joy than anything else. Having a pet is an amazing journey that you don’t get to experience unless you actually sign up for it. Please give your feedback on this.

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