Painter of the night manhua

Painter of the night manhua
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Painter of the Night manhua is written by Byeonduck. It is one of the most popular bl or yaoi manhuas. The Korean bl manhua revolves around the story of Yoon seungho who is from a noble family. He is an addict to lust and erotic paintings. Those paintings he loved were painted by Baek Na-kyu who was abandoned as a child. So, he grew up in Kisaeng or a brothel. He had published the paintings under pseudonyms and had even quit his paintings. But under the research of Yoon seungho, he captures the painter or Na-kyu to be his private painter.

Set in the Joseon era this is an ongoing manhua. Season 1 was released on May 14, 2019. Season 3 has just been released and as, of now there are a total of 80 chapters. You can read this manhua on Lenzhin comics.


Pros and Cons of Painter of the Night manhua 


The art is just so pretty that you can’t stop admiring it. Both the characters are also very attractive. Na-kyu especially is very beautiful. The whole Joseon or Goreyo era settings are also very pretty and aesthetic.



Personally, the story or the plot itself is too problematic and toxic. Yoon seungho looks very scary to me. I know he is a fictional character but the way he stares brings chills and goosebumps in me. The non-consent s*x, too much s*x is too much headache for me and is very uncomfortable to read.


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To conclude, the manhua is problematic and toxic, but we have to remember it’s fictional. I don’t have a place to say but bl writers need to step up their writing. We love the character development, but the messed-up plot is very disturbing. The readers should remember not to romanticize their relationship.


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