Online Shopping in Nepal

Online Shopping in Nepal
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Online shopping in Nepal is becoming popular after and people are adopting it gradually. There is a huge market online and it can ultimately replace the traditional shopping styles. Are you searching for some great online shopping sites in Nepal? Worry not. Here, is a list of the online shopping sites in Nepal.

In the 21st century, everything has become Virtual. A special thanks to the pandemic. Online shopping is popular among people nowadays. People prefer it because it is easy, and safe from the corona. There are various advantages and disadvantages of online shopping. They are as follows:


Advantages of Online Shopping

·      More convenient

·      No sales pressure

·      Higher Variety

·      Easy price comparison

·      Privacy is available for the purchase of discreet products.



·      Quality is not ensured

·      Local business is not supported.


List of Online Shopping sites in Nepal

1.   Daraz:

Daraz is one of the leading online businesses in Nepal. Lakhs of products can be bought on this site. We can download the app on the play store. We can buy and send gifts. We can buy shoes, clothes and even electronic devices. There are more than a million monthly users and 1100 brands. It is one of the European brands that started its operation in Pakistan and other countries like Srilanka and Nepal. Daraz is acquired by Alibaba and now it is owned by Alibaba group. daraz office is located in Naxal.


2.  Online Saathi is one of the emerging online shopping sites in Nepal. Online Saathi was started by a very young team with small capital. Despite less capital, the service it offers is amazing and is famously known for EMI in Nepal. We can buy Mobiles, Laptops, Television, Furniture, Speakers, Dresses,  etc. we can also buy products on EMI. And the hassle of documents is also excused. Its office is located in Lokanthali, Bhaktapur, and serves all over Nepal. As per a recent interview of its CEO, Online Saathi expanding from its retail to multi-vendor marketplace platform soon with some amazing cool services that Nepali consumers are in need of. Multivendor helps sellers to create their shops on a website and sell its product directly to customers.


3.  Okdam

Okdam is a another online shopping site which perhaps is the most underrated online shopping in Nepal. Having lesser likes on Social media doesn’t mean it is not popular. The monthly traffic of this website is not less than the Sastodeal. Okdam has a multivendor platform and its easy-to-use features make it one of the top online shopping sites in Nepal. Office of Okdam is located in Banasthali, Kharibot, Kathmandu.


4.   Sastodeal

They have verified sellers and great products. The payment is also secured and claims to have excellent customer service. We can buy it on various social media. We can also log in to their website. Recent tie-ups with Flipkart to sell its products in Nepal gave the limelight to the Sasto deal. It is a multivendor platform like Daraz and has got Investment from Dolma Impact fund and IME group. Office of Sasto deal is located in Malla Complex 5th Floor, Kathmandu.


5.   Gyapu

It is one of the fast-growing online shopping in Nepal. Shoppers can get free delivery and other great offers. We can buy products from Nepal and outside our country. Most of the products are refundable and we can buy products through the website. Gyapu spends hugely on marketing and results we all know. It was initially started with vegetables and groceries in the first lockdown and get popularity. Recently Gyapu crossed 1 lakh downloads of its APP in Nepal. The office of the Gyapu is located in Bakhuldole Near the Embassy of Norway, Lalitpur.


6.   Thulo

We can easily access in the browser. They have served thousands of customers. They have been showcasing great customer service. We can browse products based on cost as well. We can access Nepali or non-Nepali vendors from the comfort of our homes. The website is also very interactive. It is mainly in home utensils and kitchen item-based shopping sites. Thulo corporate office is located in Jwagal 10, Lalitpur 44700 and also is in other web services business.


7. is also one of the popular websites among the other online shopping in Nepal. It has a great variety of products to offer. is known for Chinese item goods which are in high demand. It is also one of the retail and multi-vendor website whose office is located in Kamal Pokhari St, Kathmandu 44600.


8.  Smart Doko

Smart Doko is an online shopping owned by the IMS group. IMS is famous for its Samsung products which are loved by many. Smart Doko also sells drones and other premium products including various phones and laptops. Office of SmartDoko located in Sangraula Bhawan, Kathmandu 44600.


9. Choicemandu

It is a famous online shopping platform in Nepal. Here, we can buy various products from accessories to other necessities. They focus on products by Nepalese manufacturers. We can browse through many products easily. The website is also very user-friendly.


10.  Meroshopping

Its website is Here we can buy groceries, apple products, smart devices, etc. we can give a gift of our choice. The great service helps users enjoy the experience. It is delivered easily all over Nepal.


Some other online shopping like Reecharger, Kinumna, Jhola, Muncha, Merokart is also there in the market. There is high competition in the market.


Retail Online Shopping sites in Nepal

There are various online shopping in Nepal which has an exclusive store with online websites.

  • Oliz Store- (, generally sales apple products and Gimbles
  • Evo Store- ( Sales Apple products in Nepal
  • Nepa Hima- ( Sales Sony products in Nepal
  • CG Digital- ( Sales all the CG products in Nepal
  • Tsarmoire- ( Sales clothes online in Nepal
D2C Online websites list in Nepal



We can buy both first and secondhand products. We can sell our own products as well. This website acts as a middle man. Buying products only requires three steps. Find an ad, contact the seller and get a deal. We can buy apparel and devices.

Damaru Nepali classified websites & App in Nepal is Nepal’s local search engine. Here you can find anything and can list your business free. From Daily needs to every service you name it Damaru has it all. One app for all and it can be a replacement of your contacts well. It is a free online shopping Nepal format for buyers and sellers.

E-commerce has been developing in Nepal day by day. It saves hours of our time. We can buy some unique and great products. Online shopping might be a smart choice for today’s world. If we can do a good comparison, we can get affordable products. We can also see great offers brands are offering. Please give your feedback and suggestions if I have missed any.

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