Online Nepali Movie

Online Nepali Movie
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Are you searching to watch Nepali movies online? Here, we present you with some great movies and sites to watch them. The Nepali film industry is also referred to as “ Kollywood”. Nepali films are not very popular in the international market. But, still, there are a few people worldwide who love Nepali movies. Most of the audiences are; Nepali, Indian, Pakistani, etc. The first Nepali Movie produced in Nepal was “Aama” released in 1964 AD. After that numerous films have been produced. And many movies are produced annually.

Here is the list of 5 best Nepali movies to watch :

  1. Pashupati Prasad
Pashupati prasad Nepali Movie online

Pashupati prasad

Director: Dipendra K Khanal

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Actors: Khagendra Lamichhane, Bipin Karki, Prakash Ghimire

Actresses: Barsha Siwakoti, Mishree Thapa

IMDB Rating: 8.5 / 10


2. Jatra

Jatra online Nepali movie

Jatra Nepali movie

Director: Pradeep Bhattarai

Genres: Action, Comedy, Drama

Actors: Bipin Karki, Rabindra Singh Baniya, Kamal Mani Nepal

Actresses: Barsha Raut, Prechya Bajracharya

IMDB Rating: 8.2 / 10




3. Kabaddi

kabaddi Nepali Movie

kabaddi Nepali Movie

Director: Ram Babu Gurung

Genres: comedy, drama, romance

Actors: Dayahang Rai, Nischal Basnet, Buddhi Tamang, Bijay Baral

Actresses: Rishma Gurung, Aruna Karki

IMDB Rating: 8.2 / 10


4. Loot

loot online Nepali Movie

loot Nepali Movie

Director: Nischal Basnet

Genres: Crime, Drama, Thriller

Cast: Nischal basnet, Saugat malla, Karma shakya, dayahang Rai.

Reecha Sharma, Bipin Karki.

Production Company: Princess Movies and Black Horse pictures.

IMDB Rating: 8.0/10


5. Jhola

Jhola Online Nepali Movie

Jhola Nepali Movie

Director: Yadav Kumar Bhattarai

Genre: Drama, History

Cast: Garima Panta, sujal Nepal, deshbhakta Khanal, Deepak chettri

Production Company: Media for culture

IMDB Rating: 7.5/10


Nepali movies are not easily found on free streaming sites on the internet. Nepali producers target more watchers involved in the cinema hall. However, they are available for free on youtube. And also are available to watch by playing on online sites. Here are some channels on youtube that upload movies;

1.   Highlights Movies

Few Movies available:

·       Cha ekan cha

·       Chhakka panja 3

·       Saayad 2

·       Divorce

2.   Music Nepal

Few Movies available:

·       Jholay

·       Hami Teen Bhai

·       Chadke

3.   OSR digital

Few Movies available:

·       Talakjung Vs Tulke

·       Homework

·       Captain

4.   Bodhi HD

Few Movies available:

·       Tulashi/ Tulsi

·       Makhamali Makhamali

·       Mukundo


5.   The sky movies

Few Movies available:

·       Kohinoor

·       Ke ma timro Hoina ra

·       Pannchi

6.   Sairam Pictures

Few Movies available:

·       Birangana

·       Sathi ma timro

·       Haat lagyo Sunya


7.   Budha Subba Digital

Few Movies available:

·       Ae mero hajur 3

·       Hostel

·       Pinjada

8.   Maha Sanchar

Few Movies available:

·       15 Gatey

·       Daal Bhat Tarkari

·       Good Husband

watch Online Nepali movie 

If you didn’t find the movie you wanted on YouTube. You can watch it on your Laptop from other commercial streaming sites. But you need to pay for the movie. There are various payment plans you can take. You can get a membership. An pay for it monthly, annually, weekly. If not you can also pay it per movie. Here, are apps and sites available where you can watch Nepali movies online;


1.     Fopi App

You can download this app from Playstore on mobile or Laptop. There are few movies available for free. The price of a new movie is between 30 to 50, but cheaper for the FOPI balance. It is free from piracy. We can pay via NTC, FOPI, balance, or card.


2.     Cinema Ghar( Gold)

This app offers an annual Package that only costs Rs. 500. This price is very affordable compared to Netflix, Amazon, etc. And we can use it on two devices. But there are not many movies available currently but available ones can be watched unlimited. It can be downloaded from the play store.



Here you can rent movies. Some movies are available for free. But, most of them have to be paid. The cost of every movie is different.


Famous Celebrities of Nepal.

Many Actors and Actresses pursue their careers in the industry. Many promising stars debut annually. But, very few of them succeed. Few leave due to personal relationships and privacy reasons. few others do not get a good professional response. While some leave due to Controversial Scandals. The success of a star also depends on the character they selected. And the movie they featured in.


Some of the Lead Protagonists with numerous Awards are;


1.    Rajesh Hamal (kasam,simana)

2.    Bipin Karki ( Prashad, Jatrai Jatra)

3.    Anmol KC ( Ae mero Hajur 3, gajalu)

4.    Saroj Khanal ( Mr. Nepali, Gothalo )

5.    Arpan Thapa ( Butterfly, Tin Jantu)

6.    Prakash Adhikari (saino, Kusume rumal)

7.    Shree Krishna Shrestha ( Hami teen Vai, Kohinoor)

8.    Bhuwan KC( Samjhana, Nepali Babu)

9.    Dilip Rayamajhi ( Muglan, Superstar)

10. Shiva Shrestha (Chino , Thuldai)



1.    Karishma Manandhar (Basanti, Tapasya)

2.    Samragyee Rajya Laxmi Shah ( Maruni, Dreams, etc)

3.    Namrata Shrestha ( November rain, Prashad, etc)

4.    Mausami Malla (bhagya rekha,kassam, etc)

5.    Niruta Singh (darpan chhaya, dachinna, etc)

6.    Swastima Khadka ( Hostel returns, bulbul)

7.    Kristi Mainali ( chokho Maya, sapana)

8.    Jharana Bajracharya (Kohi mero, love in Nepal)

9.    Gauri malla ( swarga, Basanti)

10. Priyanka Karki (Butterfly, Nai Nabhannu la sequel, etc)


actors and actresses are a huge part of a movie. The movie revolves around them. But there is an entire involved that makes it successful. the movie directed and produced in a great way is important.  Some famous Nepali directors are Ujwal Ghimire, Nir shah , Rekha Thapa, etc.

The main problem with the Nepali industry is the low revenue generation. The quality of Nepali movies has increased with technology in modern times. The journey has been better And few do break records. But, it is revealed general public does not spend money on tickets. Picture in theaters in Nepal also struggles due to political conditions.

Nepalese Audiences also demand a storyline that they can enjoy, which is thoughtful and worth spending money on. According to experts, casts starring plays an important role in the success of a movie. It is revealed documentaries are not popular and involve high risk. Other than movies there are many series released liked by audiences.

 Some famous places for shooting Nepali movies inside the country are;

o  Kathmandu ( Hanumandhoka, Durbarsquares, Boudha, Koteshwor TIA, etc)

o  Pokhara ( Fewa lake, Peace Pagoda, Davis falls, etc)

o  Lumbini

o  Mountain and Places with High altitude

o  Chitwan

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