Online learning sites in Nepal

Online learning sites in Nepal
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Internet is now a very important part of people’s life. Many social media platforms are used for communication by people all over the world. There are many digital portals that are used by people all over the world to study, for shopping, for business, and also for marketing. Students have made the most out of the online platforms for the development of various skills while we were locked inside the home during pandemics. There are thousands of learning sites on the internet that provides knowledge on many courses for free. Students can also gain more knowledge on their school syllabus or even their university courses. Students can find many courses on online learning sites /portals in Nepal where they can learn in their own language.

There are many online education sites/platforms like Coursera, Udemy, Khan Academy, Kullabs, Edx, Mero School, Midas eclass that provide paid and free courses. They also have videos that students can watch at their convenient time. Nepal also adopted online-based platforms for classes and providing study materials to students while stuck at home due to pandemics.

Here are the most preferred online education sites in Nepal:

  • Kullabs

Kullabs is one of the most popular teaching and an online learning site in Nepal. Students can get access study materials online for free through kullabs. This is mostly useful for students from grades 6 to 12 where they can get access to video classes, notes, assessments, and practice tests based on their curriculum.

  • My Second Teacher

My Second Teacher is a Made In Nepal award-winning education platform that is famous all over the world. It is accepted by thousands of schools all over the world. It is also accessible as an educational app on android and IOS devices. It has many interactive videos that make teaching and learning easier in various subjects. You can also find eBooks along with various study materials based on your curriculum.

  • E- Pustakalya

E-Pustakalaya is a dedicated platform for readers where you can access a lot of books. You can find many books to read and this is for free. You can find many books on Nepali as well as the English language and literature on other languages too. Along with books, you can also find study materials based on the curriculum of schools and colleges.

  • E-Paath

E-Paath is an educational digital platform where you can find free knowledge. The content available on this website is available in both English and Nepali language. You can explore this site to find a lot of study materials. It was founded by OLE which is a non-profit organization that aims to develop education systems through online portals and promoting technology. it is preferred by students because it is simple to use and also because you can find a lot of informative materials.

  • Neema Academy

Neema academy aims in enhancing the educational system by using digital platforms. This platform helps you explore the curriculum from the primary to the secondary level. You can find study materials, quizzes, and notes based on your syllabus. you can also find interactive videos and mentorship by experienced teachers.

There are others websites like Mero School and Midas e-class also there in which are providing online learning classes in Nepal.

Internet is a very useful and easily accessible platform for students for enhancing their skills and knowledge. You can access classes, videos on many by many international professional instructors. Digital portals for education has been very useful during lockdown due to pandemic so, the development on these portals can be more beneficial to people.

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