Nose job

Nose job
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Nose job or Rhinoplasty is the alterations of the nose. A nose job is usually done to make a straight high nose bridge, remove the nasal hump and improve the wide nose. It is the most popular facial cosmetic surgery. Every year more than two million people are doing this procedure.


Nose job Cost

The total cost of Rhinoplasty includes more than $5500. This is only the initial cost. There are going to be anesthesia, medical, surgical, post-surgery, and medications fees. So, the total cost might even double up. You can also have fillers which cost less.

You might not even like your new nose and the reconstructive fees are going to add up. These procedures are not covered by health insurance. So, you have to pay the complete budget.


Rhinoplasty procedure

First of all, anesthesia is provided. The sedation will make your nose numb. So, you will not feel any pain. Then the doctor or the surgeon makes cuts through your nostrils and bones. The nose and cartilage bone is reshaped and altered according to the client’s request. The surgeon then closes the incision. It usually takes about 2-3 hours for Rhinoplasty to be completed.


Rhinoplasty recovery

You have to wear the nasal splint, bandages for about a week. So, You should avoid moving your head too much. Physical exercise or even movement at earlier weeks should be avoided. Your eyes may be swelling which will be reduced after a week. The scar is also going to be less visible after 2-3 weeks. You can return to your school or work or daily life after 2-3 weeks.


Risks of Rhinoplasty

You have to remember that Rhinoplasty is a permanent surgery. So, you should decide carefully before considering Rhinoplasty. Some of the risks could be bleeding, swelling, difficulty in breathing, skin allergy and allergy, numbness around your nose, uneven nose, and septum scar. You might hate your new nose. The attempts for correcting Rhinoplasty will leave scars.


Why do people have nose jobs?

The biggest cause would be social media the beauty standards. Many of the celebrities, models also have had these surgeries. So, many young teenagers want to have such looks. Medical causes would be accidents, injuries, broken bones, difficulty in breathing, and birth defects.


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Conclusion on Nose job

At the end of the day, it is your face. You have the full responsibility and right to do whatever on your face. But when many people have these procedures, the beauty standard is going to be more strict. Poor people will not be able to afford these expensive plastic surgeries like Rhinoplasty.

Our natural nose holds our identity. It shows our cultural history. We all have unique beautiful noses. But it is fine even if you want to change because that still is your nose. No one should be shamed for having plastic surgery.


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