Non-monogamous relationships : Good or Bad

Non-monogamous relationships : Good or Bad
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Non-monogamous relationships are still frowned upon. here, are the things you need to know about it.


Non-Monogamous relationships can simply be defined as having more than one partner. The relationship could be sexual, emotional, or casual. They could be in a committed relationship yet romantically involved with others. Some of them are ethical, or open. Some are involved without the knowledge of the partner.


There are various types of non-monogamy. It is an umbrella term, there are various ways to practice it they are;


Open relationships:

This kind of relationship permits partners to have sex with other people. Both individuals are ok with it. Open relationships are very common.



Polyamory simple means having more than one partner. Poly refers to multiple. These people love and desire more than one partner. There are two types of polyamorous relationships. They are; hierarchical polygamy and egalitarian Polyamory. Hierarchical polygamy has one main partner and others are not significant. Egalitarian polygamy refers to having partners that are considered equal.



Swinging refers to having another person involved especially during sexual activities. The other person does not have any romantic relationship. They get together with a couple for intimate practices. People in a committed non-monogamous relationship have their own rules set. The rules depend on the couple. Some only allow involvement sexually. Few are okay with emotional involvement.



Polygamy is a practice of marriage to multiple spouses. Polygyny is a man marrying multiple wives. Whereas, polyandry is a woman married to more than one husband. Polygyny is more common in the context of Nepal. Polygamy is not legal in Nepal. However, there are many such examples.



Nonmonogamy is not necessarily done with an agreement. Many people are involved either sexually or emotionally with a third person. Cheating is doing something outside the boundaries of a relationship.


Benefits of consensual non-monogamous relationships:


  1. Development and growth as couples and individuals.
  2. A huge variety of non-sexual activities.
  3. All diverse needs are fulfilled.
  4. The cases of cheating are decreased.


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Challenges of nonmonogamous relationships:

  1. Jealousy, insecurity might start at some point of dating.
  2. Might create an emotional distraction with a secondary person’s involvement.
  3. The safe space between the couple might be destroyed.
  4. Often they are not able to find a common ground.
  5. These Partnerships are frowned upon by the community.
  6. The birth of a child might also cause problems.


It is very hard to maintain a nonmonogamous relationship. Maintaining requires time and effort. The best solution is to have good communication and share how they feel. Only with the agreements of both parties, a happy relationship can take place. They also need to trust their partner and stick to the terms and conditions


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