Nepal Telecom Launched Namaste Pay Mobile App (USSD)

Nepal Telecom Launched Namaste Pay Mobile App (USSD)
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Nepal Telecom has finally unveiled/launched its most awaited payment system called Namaste Pay app in Nepal. Currently, the Beta version is published to run a test and trial however soon it will be updated with full features and specifications. Namaste pay will revolutionize the Nepali payment system and there are lots of reasons for that. Nepal telecom has the highest number of subscribers and there is no doubt.


Nepal Telecom Namaste App is Nepal’s first USSD payment system.

Namaste Pay is not just a normal payment service provider (PSP). Along with all the digital transactions, namaste pay can handle offline payments and other banking transactions as well which will minimize the cost of transactions by a big amount. We are paying or expending Rs. 20-30 at least on a single transaction and with the population and category the amount goes beyond our thinking. By cutting the transaction cost it will be one of the biggest PSP of Nepal.

Let’s understand about USSD payment it runs on the Unstructured Supplementary Service Data channel. This allows users to transact without having internet or an expensive phone. This is already in practice in many countries. Thi innovative idea needs no mobile data. Rastriya Banijya Bank and Nepal Telecom initiated this by Investing 400Million which is the highest investment by far for any PSPs.

About Namaste Pay app and its features

Namaste pay App

Namaste pay App

  • Users can use it both online and offline.
  • Less transaction cost.
  • Easy to operate once registered.
  • Quick, reliable, and easy to use.
  • APP and Utility payments features
  • Access to lots of Banks & QR Payments

Download the app now.


How to register for the service?

  • Dial *500#, Press 1
  • Enter First name, Last name, Date of birth, Gender, ID type & number.
  • You will get a PIN code to access the payment service.
  • Again dial *500# and change your pin code for security.

Namastey Pay App review in Play Store

Namastey Pay App review in Play Store

Namaste App Beta version is not getting good reviews so far, lots of areas need improvement. Out of 703 reviews, only 5 review is good and 898 are on improvements and complaint. People are also demanding its IOS app which is skipped despite such a huge investment. There are bugs but at the same time, we must know that this is a Beta version and not the complete app. After 6 months of its announcement when the beta version was released what made NTC not work on App correctly. This is the major complaint in the review sections and why there are so many bugs.  Let’s see how Nepal Telecom will solve the issue on the Namaste pay app for me there is no issue in KYC, however, I haven’t used it much until now.

This app will challenge some existing payments apps like- Prabhu pay, IME pay, e-Sewa, & Khalti. what are your thoughts on it please share and give your valuable feedback.

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