Ncell & NTC data and Voice Packs available in Nepal

Ncell & NTC data and Voice Packs available in Nepal
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We will cover Ncell & NTC data and Voice Packs available in Nepal. Are you looking for various Ncell & NTC data and voice packs available in Nepal? Here, is a list of packages available in NTC and Ncell.


NTC is popularly known as Nepal Telecom. It is a state-owned company. 91.49% of the share belongs to the government. It was founded on 13 April 2004. It is one of the leading telecommunication companies in Nepal.


Ncell Axiata Limited before April 2016 was known as Ncell private limited. It is the first private mobile service provider from Nepal. Telia Company is its parent company. It was founded in 2004. However, commercially it service began a “ mero mobile” in September 2005. It later in 2010 was re-branded as Ncell. Its head office is in Kathmandu.


They are the top competitors of each other. They provide great services to the customers making it easy to call and send SMS. They also provide great internet services. They have various data and voice packages.


Internet is a very important part of our day-to-day life. Almost all of the applications in mobile require the internet. And in places where wifi ( wireless service) is not available, we need data. Both companies offer different data plans.


Data packages by NTC in Nepal.

·       Unlimited data pack

·       Day Data Pack

·       Night data Pack

·       Social Media Data Pack

·       Stay connected Pack

·       All Time Data

·       Online learning Package


You can use USSD code to subscribe to data packs. First you have to Dial *1415#. After that list of data packs available is shown. Now, you can simply choose it. You will later have to confirm the subscription.


The online learning pack is for students during coronavirus. The COVID situation makes everyone go virtual. Similarly, smart classes have also begun. and to connect with teachers and have regular attendance, we need nonstop data. People spend hours on the internet. this starts to have higher costs. so, this pack helps to get cheaper rates.


Data packages by Ncell in Nepal.

·         90, 60, 30 day data packs

·        Work from the home 7-day data pack

·        Non-stop facebook, Tiktok, youtube pack

·        Always-on data pack

·        1 hour data pack


To activate the data pack dial *17123# or *123# and choose your data pack. 


The basic purposes of mobiles are for mobile calls. There are various packs available to make calls affordable. CUG sim is used by corporate users. here, are the voice packages available.


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Voice Packages by NTC:


·        Night voice pack                           

·        Unlimited voice pack                     

·        All-time voice pack

·        Eco-Voice pack

·        Day pack

·        CUG pack

·        Stay connected voice pack

·        Postpaid pack

·        VoLTE pack


To subscribe you can either dial *1415# and select the voice pack of your choice. GSM and CDMA users need to use SMS. The variety of packs has various codes. NTC also launched another app called Namaste Pay to process all the USSD transactions.

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How to get NTC data packs?


Voice packages by Ncell.

·        1 hour voice pack

·        1 day voice pack

·        Endless kurakani

·        Unlimited voice pack (day, Night)

·        30 days voice pack


You can purchase a voice pack by dialing *17118#. After this, a list of packs available is shown. You can choose from the option available.


These sim cards not only allow national calls but also international. we can also enable roaming while traveling to other countries. we can change districts without any problem. Consumers can enjoy it at the same prices.


The rate of these available packs can be checked after dialing USSD codes. The rate depends on validity time and offer. The validity may be of an hour, day, or month. you can compare the normal rate and exclusive offer price. You will pay a lot cheaper with packs. But, it depends on your data usage and consumption. The charged amount can be paid daily, weekly, or monthly.


as various packs are available, after comparing you can choose your specific suitable package. Few of them are recurring. The deactivation process is not very hectic. Regarding any problems with registration, the configuration you can contact customer care.


NTC and Ncell App

NTC and Ncell have launched their applications. These apps help you subscribe to packs easily. You also get inclusive details. Users also get free data packs sometimes. you can easily deactivate any service you take. Apps are available for both prepaid and postpaid users. The mentioned price includes taxes.


These Ncell & NTC data and voice packs make it easy for streaming the Internet. Subscribers can also talk to their family members about fewer prices. Providers always try to balance their relationship with the customer. Hence, this can help support the relationship. Please share your feedback and views on this. Also, share if I have missed anything here.


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