Money Heist Season 5 (Volume I and Volume II) insight | Do you miss any character?

Money Heist Season 5 (Volume I and Volume II) insight | Do you miss any character?
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Here we will talk about the Season 5 of the most popular show on Netflix, Money Heist. If you have yet not seen it you might want to catch up soon. Knowing the surprising twist and turn beforehand might take away the fun of the series. 

Money Heist is a series about a group of robbers who attempts to carry out the biggest and the most unpredictable robbery in the history of Spain. The biggest hit of Netflix recently released the 5th season Vol-II of the series and fans have loved it dearly. The team is led by a mastermind who goes with the name “Professor”.  This mastermind collects a team of eight robbers. Each of these eight is an expert in one factor that will come in handy during the heist. The team under the instruction of the professor planned for 5 continuous months. The final season of the series, Season 5 holds heightened intensity for the fans. 

What can fans expect from Season 5 of Money heist?

The main thing I can say is, to expect the most unexpected. The finale season of the series is divided into two volumes, I and II. If you view the trailer before diving into the series the trailer will reflect how the team decides to level up with their activity and the police growing impatience. The trailer reflects that the final season is going to be full of a blood bath. So, you might want to grab some tissues before getting into the episodes.

Season 5 continues from the heist in the bank of Spain. Although, the major reason for initiating this heist was to get Rio’s freedom from captivity, later, the dual reasons for the heist come into the limelight. The heist at the royal mint of Spain was the dream of Berlin, whereas robbing the bank of Spain was the dream of the Professor’s father. He wanted to honor this last wish of his late father.

You can watch all the episodes of Money Heist on Netflix.

Now let’s talk about the episode of Money Heist season 5 of the series (Both Volume-I and Volume-II)

Episode 1: The end of the road:

The professor faces off with Sierra (Who is portrayed as the ruthless and vindictive police officer). Tamayo levels up the negotiation and calls for military support. The possibility of military interference raises the tension amongst the team members inside the Bank of Spain. The episode also includes a flashback of Berlin. It shows Berlin meeting his family member.

Episode 2:  Do you believe in reincarnation?

Arturo (The antagonist and the civilian held hostage) decides to fight back. He starts to convince the other hostages to back him up and fight against the robbers. Although he says it is for the betterment of everyone, in reality, he seeks revenge on Denver and Stockholmers. While the hostages plan to fight back, Lisbon makes a crucial discovery that questions everything.

Episode 3: Welcome to the spectacle of life:

Sierra is about to experience the harshest reality and going to face major betrayal.  The gangs too start to get all riled up now that the military is involved.


Episode 4: Your Place in Heaven:

The military manages to severely wound Helsinki. With a teammate in a critical stage, the gang must fight back with the army. Amidst all this, the viewers shall see the flashback where Berlin conducts a heist with his son.

 Episode 5: Live Many Lives:

Gandia, one of the notorious army officers is all set to bring down the gang and will stop at nothing. The episode is full of gunshots, bombing, and violent graphics followed by death. Tokyo, one of the main leads of the series is stuck in the crossfire and is surrounded by enemies. She then recalls her past life, ex-lover, and her beautiful journey with Rio.

Episode 6: Escape Valve:

The first episode of the Vol-II of the series starts with the scattered team and professor in great grief. Distracted by the biggest loss, the mastermind is outsmarted by Sierra. With a profession in danger, the gang starts to lose hope.

Episode 7: Wishful Thinking:

The episode shows the planning of the recent heist from the past. This mostly involves the flashback of Berlin and Palermo planning for the heist. Tamayo on the other hand plans a manhunt in his neighborhood while his enemy hides in dark.

Episode 8: The Elegance Theory:

Tamayo hunts for the gold while the team speeds up to bring an end to the heist. Stockholm (Monica) starts having a psychotic attack and is worried about it getting worst. The flashback continues in the later episode where Berlin is deceived by his own son.

Episode 9: Pillow Talk:

The professor is almost at a loss when his tactics of his are used against him. In light of the recent events, he makes some bold decisions. Initially, the gang seems to be skeptical about his plan, and for the first time even doubts it. But soon they place their order on their leader and move forward.

Episode 10: A Family Tradition: Final Episode of Money Heist 

The final episode of the season, the final episode of the series ends in the most astonishing way. With lives at stake and everything to lose, Professor and Tamayo settle on the final showdown.

Cast and Crew of the Money Heist season 5:

Money Heist Season 5 Cast and crew
NameCharacter Name
Alvaro MorteEL Professor
Pedro AlonsoBerlin
Ursula CorberoTokyo
Itziar ItunoRaquel
Jaime LorenteDenver
Paco TousMoscu
Alba FloresNairobi
Miguel HerranRio
Esther AceboMonica
Enrique ArceArturo
Maria PedrazaAlison
Darko PericHelsinki


Money Heist Season 5 overview:

Release Date3rd September 2021
GenreCrime, Drama, Action
Duration4 hours and 18 minutes
DirectorJesus Colmenar, kolda Serra, Alex Rodrigo
ProducersAlex pina, Sonia Martinez, Jesus Colmenar, Esther Martinez Lobato, Nacho manubens.
Rated 18+
IMDB rating8.2


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