Mental Health

Mental Health
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Mental health or wellbeing is the state of contentment where one leads a trauma-free life, excels in a career, contributes to society, and can make the best out of their life by utilizing one’s ability. The mental well-being meaning is vague, people define it in various ways, each being related to their version of a mentally healthy life.

Our mental health decides how we think, act in situations, approach and interact with people and make ourselves stand out as a professional.  One might wonder that landing the high profile job at a multi-billion company or billing the highest client for the firm or engaging the targeted customers in the sales, etc. can give a sense of peace to a person, there is without a doubt to it but the attainment of mental peace is only when one can balance the personal and professional life. We are solely responsible for our mental wellbeing, there are few things that we can accumulate in our daily routine that can boost our mental wellbeing.


Wondering about how to improve your mental Health?

  1. Talk about your feelings:

If and when things do not feel good and you have the urge to talk, reach out to people. The best way to not feel burdened is by talking about it.


  1. Keep Active:

An empty mind is the rest house for the devil.  Don’t go being vacant for a long time without any activities. Light exercise, long walks, gym, or any form of physical pursuit will help induce better sleep, keep the body active and reduce the chances of obesity. Keeping the mind occupied will prevent one from excessive thinking as well.


  1. Keep in touch:

Things usually do not go as per plan. When things bring you down it’s always a wise choice to ask for help. It can be someone close to you or even professional help from a psychiatrist if felt needed.


  1. Take a break:

If you find yourself being overwhelmed, drained with work stress, too anxious, and wanting a change, do so. Take a break when felt needed. Spend some quality time with family, travel somewhere, or anything that rejuvenates you, and when you feel you are ready to embrace the routine life get back to it.


  1. Accept who you are:

Self-love is the best form of mental health. You can achieve inner happiness only by discovering oneself and stopping comparing an individual with the other. Every person has unique traits and that is what makes us who we are.


  1. Eat Well:

You are what you eat, so eating correct is very important for the better functioning of an individual. Your brain like any other organ requires proper protein and nutrition intake to function well. Eating correctly doesn’t necessarily mean only eating healthy and organic food all the time. It means monitoring your regular eating habits and switching to healthier ones most of the time.


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Are mental health and mental wellbeing the same thing?


People often confuse mental health with mental wellbeing and vice-versa. They may seem to be the same thing but stand with different connotations. Mental health is a concept that is related to the social and emotional wellbeing of an individual and community, whereas, Mental wellbeing is a holistic approach which deals with the overall betterment of humans.


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