Ludo king | Ludo King is not just game its an Emotion

Ludo king | Ludo King is not just game its an Emotion
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Ludo king is one of the most famous online ludo games. This game is played by millions of people all over the world. But, it is mainly popular among people in South Asian countries. This mobile game can be played with anyone. You can play with your friends, family, or even random opponents. Here, we have a detailed article on Ludo king.


This game is the online version of the board game: ludo. The rules are similar and are easy to play. This application was developed by Gammation Technologies Pvt. Ltd. It is available on many different platforms; android, ios, kindle, etc. It has managed to rank as the top free game constantly. This game was released in late February 2016. 


Modes in Ludo king:

Ludo King has four different modes users can enjoy. The modes are; 


  1. Player vs computer.
  2. Offline/ local mode ( pass and play).
  3. Online multiplayer mode.
  4. Private multiplayer mode.


In the player vs computer, you will be playing against the AI. The pass-and-play mode allows the user to play this game offline. In the Online multiplayer mode, you are paired with random opponents. These opponents might be from different parts of the world. The private multiplayer mode allows you to choose the friends you want to play with. You can enjoy and spend time with your friends no matter where they are. 

Modes in Ludo king

However, there is also a quick mode available in Ludo king. This model is shorter than the classic. The classic mode takes about 15 to 50 minutes to be completed. But, a quick mode is faster and shorter.


How to play ludo king?


Ludo King is just a mobile version of the popular board game ludo. But, ludo itself originated from an ancient game known as “Pachisi”. The main aim of the game is to reach the center of the board. You will have 4 tokens each. The first to reach the center wins the game. You will have to reach the center by rolling the die. The tokens are of 4 different colors; red, blue, yellow, and green. However, this app also allows a 6-player mode.


After you choose your color, you will have to roll the die. Then you will have to roll the die and wait for the magic number. After you get the magic number, you can remove it from the house. Now, you will have to move according to the number in the die. Once your turn is over, your opponent will do the same. 


Some cool Features of Ludo King:


You can chat simultaneously while you are playing the game. you can share comments, emojis, etc while playing through the app itself. You can also log in with your social media, and play with your buddies. Virtual cash is also available to bet with opponents. If you lose money, you can get rewards by watching advertisements. and if you get busy while playing the game, you can Terminate it. Terminating the game might cost you money. But, you can also leave the AI to handle it.


In the same app, you can also play another game. This game is called Snakes and ladders and has a similar rule to ludo. 


Magic Number:

A magic number is a number in the die that allows you to get the token out from home. Generally, six (6) is considered to be the magic number in Ludo. The magic number also allows you to roll the die for another time. 


Creating an account:

You can play this game either with or without an account. Creating an account helps to record personal data and progress. You can create an account with the help of Facebook. Logging in through Facebook can help you connect to your Facebook friends.


The king of kings leaderboard is also available. Currently, A Khan is at a top of this list. this leaderboard keeps refreshing constantly. You can reach the top by playing and winning. Winning this game depends on both luck and strategy. However, using strategy can help win the game more easily.


Tips to win Ludo king:


  1. Try to free all the tokens from the house. Getting a magic number might be difficult. Without a magic number, we cannot free the tokens. So, as soon as you get a chance make sure to remove them.
  2. Make sure that you evenly spread the tokens around. You might have your tokens cut at any point in the game. so, if you just move one piece of the token this might risk your progress. So, make sure you equally move the tokens.


Ludo king can be a very good way to spend your time. This platform allows you to have fun and spend time with your family. But playing this requires virtual coins, which we might have to buy. So, to avoid spending money on the app, we can log in daily to earn coins. We can collect these coins to play more games.


Other similar apps like Ludo king:


There are various other applications that allow us to play ludo. Ludo king has a rating of 4.2. There are various other apps with similar purposes yet different interfaces. They are;

(लूडो किंग सिमिलर गेम्स)

  1. Classic Ludo online has a rating of 4.4.
  2. Ludo superstar has a rating of 4.0.
  3. Ludo Talent, rating of 4.2.


This game is frequently updated, and the last update was in November 2021. Ludo currently ranks as the number one free in board games. Ludo king has over five hundred million downloads. the game has a minimum age requirement of 3 years. It contains various ads, you can gain many rewards with it. You can also join various tournaments available.


Is Ludo king Fixed?


Many people complain about the match being fixed. Either, the people might be just sore losers, or might be true. Many people believe that it has an algorithm that it follows. Generally, people with more coins in ludo king win the game. 


In conclusion, playing ludo king can be a great way to spend your time. It can be played without an internet connection. This game is both exciting and tiring. so, rather than just playing this game online we can also play it in real life. We can also play many similar games on your devices. For example; Chess, Monopoly, card games, etc.


How to play Ads Free Game

The first option is you have to turn off the internet on your device and play Ludo King with Family. But this does not work for playing with people not near. The second option is to go premium in this way you have to pay some amount to enjoy an ad-free game.


You can download the ludo king app from the google play store and for IOS from the App store. It has over 500 million downloads and a rating of 4.2 on the play store.

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