List of Nepali businessmen on Pandora paper

List of Nepali businessmen on Pandora paper
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We all have heard the news of the biggest financial leaks in the history- Pandora paper leak. The ICIJ has exposed this news across the world using a journalist network. This is the biggest financial leak of all time containing 11.9 million files and involving more than 32 trillion money to be taxed. There are 16 names public by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists. We have taken reference and included the list of Nepali businessmen on pandora paper.

There are no shocking names on the list, most of them are businessmen. According to the director of ICIJ, it is not only criminals and businessmen but also politicians and government officials who use the offshore investment to avoid tax. Taking money out of the home country is the main idea to save tax. Simply person open company in tax haven country and then invest from thereon. Offshore companies are not real companies and have no such operation except to achieve certain goals.


What did this pandora paper leak mean?

In simple words, it is the leak of confidential data related to the finance of rich people around the world who avoid tax. Now the legality of doing this depends on loopholes in the law. People use these loopholes to avoid the tax and or to make money white. Now, this leads to more poverty and inequality in the country. the rich will continues to get richer while the poor get poorer. The leak and List of Nepali businessmen on Pandora paper


List of Nepali on Pandora paper

As per here is the list of  Nepali business people on Pandora paper. ICIJ said that they have illegally invested in the offshore company to save the tax.

  1. Binod Chaudhary and the Chaudhary Group
  2. The Golchha Organization
  3. Ajeya Raj Sumargi
  4. Arjun Prasad Sharma
  5. Rajendra Shakya
  6. Suhrid Raj Ghimire and Purushottam Poudyal
  7. Sudhir Mittal
  8. Janak Kumar Basnet
  9. Kishor Rana
  10. Radhe Shyam Saraf


This list contains details of the business person of Nepal and Indian citizens who are doing business in Nepal. There are people who give philosophy about doing business and blaming the government for their inefficiency. Now imagine if the tax is not paid properly country development will go down slowly and these are established company which does not get impacted with these tax money.

There are other Nepal leaks in 2016 claiming that more than $450 million was taken into Swiss banks. These figures might be bigger now and it leads to bad financial implications for the country.


The real issue for Nepal

lack of good governance, proper law, and proper and easy way of doing business must be established to stop these activities. The government also must praise the startups and businesses for growth. The problem lies in both government and rich business people as well. The list of Nepali businessmen on the Pandora paper leak is a signal for the government.


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