Life lesson to learn from The Squid Game

Life lesson to learn from The Squid Game
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Find out the Life lesson to learn from The Squid Game. On September 17, 2021, The Squid Game was released via Netflix worldwide and is the biggest hit in the history of Netflix. This k-drama popped out of nowhere and was loved overall the globe in less than a few weeks of its release.


By October 14, more than 111 million subscribed households had already seen the squid Game and the craze continues so far. and is the most popular show on Netflix.


Directed and produced by Hwang Dong-hyuk, this series is based on thriller and violence where the 456 marginalized people living under the crushing debt in South Korea are exposed to an opportunity to win 45.6 Billion won (33 Million Euros), simply by playing a series of the game. Later in the episode, the participants and the viewers get to see the brutality and the cost of winning or losing the game.



Web series squid game rule eliminate the looser

Loser must die: The ultimate motto of the game where there can be only one winner and the rest are erased out of existence. This series will keep the viewers on the edge and curious about what the next minute hold for the participants. On one hand, the entire series seems to be based on winning money but it depicts the harsh reality of society. Family responsibilities, hunted by loan sharks, poor immigrants suffering the hardship of poverty are the initial factors that drive the participants to risk their lives for the winning amount. But with each episode viewer gets to see the growth in the characters and soon the series becomes a task for survival where friends are made and lost, faith in place in the hardest of times, and betrayal faced in the worst way possible.

Popular Character Abdul Ali from squid game has gained more than 1.5 million followers on Instagram. His followers are increasing by 100k almost every day. He is from India and played a Pakistani immigrants role in Squid Game. His real Name is Anupam Tripathi and Squid Game made him globally famous.



Life lesson to learn from The Squid Game:

  1. Don’t rush through life, dive into anything only after getting good knowledge about it.
  2. Know your strength before any task and bring that to the optimum.
  3. The world is not always fair, and it’s completely natural.
  4. Chose Kindness, everyone is fighting their own battles.
  5. Trust your instincts, they never lie.
  6. Have trust in your playmates, but don’t be too gullible.


Please share if you have found any other life lessons to learn from the squid game. The back story of Director Hwang Dong-hyuk itself is very motivating. He had pitched in the idea for the Squid Game a decade ago to many production houses and each of them rejected the idea. It was up until the recent time Netflix decided to provide the platform to the series and the series surely didn’t disappoint the viewers. This has changed the way people view the


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Korean drama industry and spiked the marketing rate of k-drama, setting an example to the world. The viewers are in eager wait for the announcement of the 2nd season of the series and for the further project of Mr. Dong-Hyuk.


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