LGBTQ+ community | LGBTQ meaning

LGBTQ+ community | LGBTQ meaning
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Are you curious about the LGBTQ+ community? If yes you have come to the right place. Here, you can get detailed information regarding the LGBT community.

LGBTQ meaning

LGBTQ is an acronym for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer. The LGBT+ community helps to support queer people. They unite people with the help of social movements. Queer is an umbrella term representing gender and sexuality other than heterosexual and cisgender. The + is the LGBTQ+ represents individuals that have other sexual orientations.



A rainbow flag is the symbol of the LGBTQ community. It was adopted in 1978. There are various other flags that represent other individual identities. This community is inclusive and helps a person to accept his/her identity. There are many subgroups of this community. A few of them are explained below:


LGBTQ Community: Based on sexual orientation:


Gay: The term ‘gay’ is used to represent male homosexuality. However, it is also commonly used to represent females attracted to the same sex.

Lesbian: Lesbians are the girls who are attracted to girls.

Bisexual: Many people have various terms that associate with being bisexual. Many people refer to being Bisexual as being attracted to both and women. However, others believe it to represent attraction towards any two genders.

Pansexual: Pansexuality is referred as to being attracted to people regardless of their gender. Many people confuse bisexuality and pansexuality to be the same. But, they are entirely different.

Asexual: Being asexual simply means not being attracted to others.

There are many other terms of sexuality such as Autosexual, Demisexual, Omnisexual, etc. There are also various romantic identities. Few examples are Aromantic, Biromantic, etc.


Based on gender spectrum:

A person’s gender is how they identify internally and choose to express externally. We always have been familiar with two major gender types: Male and female. Traditionally humans are only intended to have two genders. In school, we learn about transgender people. But gender is not limited to that. Gender has a whole spectrum larger than the three kinds. few of them are included here;


Agender: Agender or neutral gender is someone that does not identify with any gender.

Androgyne: They are the people that identify as both feminine and masculine or in between.

Transgender: It is an umbrella term for people that identify as any other gender than the one assigned at birth. We are assigned a gender when we are born but later may realize we don’t identify as the same. Trans is a more inclusive term for non-binary people.

Intersex: Intersex people are the ones born with biological parts that are not identified as male or female.



LGBTQ Allies:

Many Youths today support the LGBTQ community. Ally is a term that refers to supporters of the LGBTQ community, generally, that are non-queer. Allies help the families, friends of the people of queer communities to accept them. One identifies as an Ally when they are ready to fight for the rights of nonbinary people. Many people feel that they can’t exclusively support the LGBT community if they are not queer. However, anyone can support and show their acceptance and alliance.



Although many people support the LGBT community many still are not supportive of them. Homophobia is fear, hatred towards a homosexual person. They usually tend to create problems for non-binary people. They sometimes go as far as to using slurs and shaming them.


Problems faced by people of the LGBTQ community:

There are many problems people in the LGBTQ community face. The first problem is acceptance. Most of the time they have struggles accepting themselves. This phase is also known as questioning. And even after they do, they are not able to come out to their family members. Due to which they remain in the closet. After coming out in public many people have different experiences. Some of them are supported while some are mistreated. here, are a list of problems they go through;


LGBT go through discrimination.

Most of them lose their safety in school or even house.

They have to deal with issues such as bullying by other students.

Neglected by loved ones.

They go through mental torture leading to suicide.

Suicidal thoughts caused by harassment.


Support for LGBTQ from people around the world

Compared to history, many people have started supporting the LGBT community. Society has changed. They have now considered it to be a part of their society. Many, straight people have started being comfortable with supporting this.


In schools, students are now taught about these topics freely. hence, we can expect the upcoming generation of youth to be supportive of them. we can then create a safe environment for the community. Correct representation and terminology of this diversity must be taught. In addition, the way of a person’s expression of themselves should be respected. We must respect the pronouns one prefers.


In Today’s world, many Laws have been introduced in favor of the community. In case of any defamation, you can end up in court. Many mainstream media promotes homosexuality nowadays. There are many artists; A singer, AN actor, etc that have come out. The diverse programs help in recognition and inclusivity. They give people the freedom to be who they are.


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