LGBTQ community in Nepal

LGBTQ community in Nepal
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Are you wanting to learn about the LGBTQ community in Nepal? If Yes, you can find all the important information here.


Meaning of LGBTQ

The LGBTQ+ is an acronym. It represents Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer. The ‘+’ addition sign represents many other sexual orientations. Homosexuality was Legalized after the Monarchy ended. In Nepal, It was legalized in 2007. The LGBT activists had to work hard to get these rights. The rights of individuals have been included in the constitution. The government has included it as a part of the fundamental rights. Our society still doesn’t accept these people.


Nepal was one of the first Asian countries to make same-sex marriage legal. However, it took a long time for the law to be acted upon. The first same-sex marriage was registered in Dadeldhura in July 2017. However, one of the partners was of the Third gender. Category for Transgender people has been added in the latest census. This helps a person who identifies as Trans to show their real identity.


There are many laws in favor of the LGBTQ community presently. They get all their civil rights and Their human right is protected. The people that identify as Queer including Transgender people get recognition by the law. They do not have a problem during any government work. Such as issuing citizenship, getting passports, etc.


One of the recent gay marriages was between Niraj and Aashik. They were from Chitwan. Their family accepted them. But, few people in society were not fine with it. This situation for people of the Queer community is quite common. People with traditional beliefs are not ready to accept it. And, people of sexual minorities are treated differently.



There are many LGBTQ activists in Nepal. A few of the activists are:


  • Bhakti Shah
  • Rukshana Kapali
  • Anuj petter Raj
  • Sarita KC
  • Bibek Sushil Magar
  • Sudeep Gautam
  • Manisha Dhakal
  • Sunil babu pant



Nepal is said to be Beacon of LGBTQ rights in Asia. Nepal is a developing country, with a patriarchal society. The population of Nepal is also very high. For a country like Nepal, accepting the LGBT community is a huge deal. The law acknowledges the community. But, the LGBTQ community in Nepal has to face various stigma. They are still treated as pollutants making it difficult for them.



They face several problems such as;


  • They have been facing discrimination and harassment.
  • They go through violence and bullying due to their sexual orientation.
  • Transgender people are often made to choose between being male or female.
  • The rape of Transgender people is taken lightly by the authorities.
  • Many murder cases of transgender people are found.
  • They cannot openly accept their identity, leading to stress and suicide.
  • They are often considered to be having a mental disease.
  • They have problems with gaining employment.



Causes of the Homophobic attitude of the general public:


The first cause is a lack of awareness among the people. Friends and families of non-binary people have a hard time accepting them. They cannot acknowledge the fact that Homosexuality is real. Nepalese have a hard time leaving their Traditional beliefs. These beliefs place gender in two categories. According to the statistics, a huge development has been taking place. Major transformations have taken place in this decade. We must teach people to create a positive environment. We must create a movement to deal with these issues. This is an international global issue.



In school, students must be made familiar with these terms. This will help them in identifying themself. And also create larger support for these communities. Mainstream media like a movie or a magazine has portrayed LGBTIQ in a wrong way. The way they portray the characters are far from reality. Political progress is also required to change the attitude of the general public.



LGBTQ Organizations in Nepal:



  • Blue Diamond society:

BDS was established in 2001. Its head office is located in dhumbarahi, Kathmandu. They introduced the LGBT community in the nation. The biggest achievement of BDS was winning a verdict against the Supreme Court in 2007. They have been constantly fighting for the equal social rights of Queer People. They also organize a Nepali pride festival every year.


  • Body and data:

It was established in 2017. They work to build a progressive society for women, queer people, and minority groups. They have published many books such as pahunch vanda para and various reports


  • Mitini Nepal:

It was established in 2005. Laxmi Ghimire is the President and founder of Mintini Nepal. The goal of Mitini Nepal is to recognize everyone to be equal. They fight not only for LGBTQ but also provide services for other minorities.



There are many other national LGBTQ organizations in Nepal. Such as inclusive forum Nepal, sahaayam Nepal, New queer, etc.


Showing discriminatory behavior towards Queer people is illegal. if a report is filed against you, you might get various punishments. Many people advocate for equality. The implementation of their rights has taken place for a few years. if you want to learn about the committee, You can talk to any workers or campaigners of the LGBTQ community in Nepal.


If you are a little straightforward you might hurt someone’s feelings. Accept your mistake, Many members are willing to help you learn and accept them. They have suffered a lot, for something Biological that they had no power over. They have always been discriminated against. We need to understand that they’re not demanding to be treated uniquely. They are just asking for something that already should have been theirs.


You should have a broader mindset to learn about them. We should accept them for who they are and support these individuals and couples. The rights shouldn’t just be constitutional. We as humans should be committed to creating a safe environment for everyone.


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