Kota Factory Season 2 is Releasing on 24th September

Kota Factory Season 2 is Releasing on 24th September
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Kota Factory Season 2 is Releasing on 24th September, Netflix released the most awaited TVF web series Kota Factory season 2 Trailer. with a tag line of “Is class ki roll call mein, Vaibhav aur life lessons dono ki hai full attendance“. Vaibhav, do you remember this guy from the Kota factory? of course, you do right, he is coming again to showcase his struggle and capabilities to fight with it as an IITians.

Kota Factory season 1 has done incredibly well in and it is one of the most loved web series on the internet till now. Kota factory based on the problems, daily ups and downs, and various mixed emotions that come in students’ minds regarding teachers, courses, books, and syllabus. Kota is not just a place it’s an emotion for IIT students. The set of this web series is in Kota which gives it more real feelings to the audience.

Kota Factory Season 1 Flash Back

Many students around the globe loved the Kota Factory season 1. It is the first web series in India released in black and white. The presentation of this web series is beautiful and the character portrayed by each actor is a masterpiece. The whole plot is based on a 16-year ol boy called Vaibhav who wants to pursue IIT in Kota. He comes to Kota and discovers student life in Kota, teachers, found friends, Love, and struggle. Life is not easy for a student and how you get through it depends on your choice and commitment.

One of the characters named Meena from Prodigy A5 was a very serious guy still people laughed at his way of dialogue delivery. Meena is one of the second most loved characters in this web series. He connects the audience so nicely by portraying his character smoothly. Jeetu Bhaiya is a Teacher and a Guru that every student wishes he/she could have. Jeetendra Kumar is a very fine actor and he has never failed to win the heart of the audience. From TVF pitchers, Panchayat and TVF Batchelor’s and set a benchmark with his acting and dialogue delivery skills.

Kota Factory Season 2 star cast and release date 

Netflix one of the famous OTT platform in the world has released the trailer of Kota Factory season 2 today and confirmed that it is releasing on 24th September 2021. The excitement is high along with the expectation of whether it will meet the season 1 level or go further higher. Vaibhav again coming to answer and guide you along with the following:-

Kota Factory Season 2 star cast

Jitendra Kumar

Ahsaas Channa

Alam Khan

Ranjan Raj

Along with many others. Don’t forget to watch Kota Factory Season 2 releasing on 24th September- a must-recommended web series for students. You can watch this on Netflix trailer is out now go and check.

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