Korean tv shows on Netflix

Korean tv shows on Netflix
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Korean tv shows on Netflix has become a major success. Nowadays, You can hear everyone talking about Korean dramas or Korean TV shows. You might also have heard about it from your friends and families. If You also want to watch Korean dramas and shows but are confused about where to start. Then you have come to the right place. Here, we have the best Korean tv shows to watch on Netflix.


Squid game(2021l

The squid game is probably this year’s most popular Netflix show. The show is about 456 people playing different children’s games in the hope to win 45.6 billion money. All of them are in huge debt tempting them to play such games. The games are not just simple children’s games but a game where the loser gets killed. The movie depicts the capitalist society we live in. The drama shows how we are exploited in a hope of something better while the rich and privileged exploit and take advantage of us.

The drama is written and directed by Hwang dong-hyuk. There are 9 total episodes each 1hr long. More than 180 million people have watched the show. Therefore, the show cost about $21.4 million is estimated to earn about $900 million. I highly recommend this movie if you are into a realistic depiction of society.

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My name(2021): Korean tv shows on Netflix

My name is an action thriller drama that has just been released on October 15, 2021. The story is about a woman named Ji woo who is driven to revenge after her father’s murder? So, she joins a gang to be capable of finding the murderer. And later even join to be an undercover cop to seek her father’s murderer. Will she be able to seek her revenge?

The cast includes Han So-hee, the protagonist along with Park Hee-soon and Ahn Bo-Hyun, and was directed by Kim Jin-min. There are 8 episodes altogether. Mixed with a pinch of romance and action. It is a perfect drama to binge on Netflix.


Hometown cha cha(2021)

Hometown cha cha is a soft, positive, relaxing and, healing drama. The drama is based on Mr. handy, Mr. gong movie. The romantic comedy is about a city dentist woman who moves to a coastal province Gongjin. There she meets a laid back happy-go all-rounder guy. They have the cutest interactions that will make your heart flutter. The countryside settings will want you to go and settle there. The top-notch acting of not only the leads but the side characters will make you feel warm and happy.

The drama is directed by Yu Je won and Starr Shin Min ah, Kim Seon ho, and Lee Sang-Yi. There are altogether 16 episodes each of 60 minutes. If you are having a bad day and want to cheer up then, this drama is the best for you.



Nevertheless is a love story based on the popular manhua with the same name “Nevertheless” written by Jung seo. The show is about a girl Yu Na-bi who has lost the faith in love after getting betrayed by her ex and a guy Park Jae-on who doesn’t want to commit to a relationship. It depicts modern-day romance and is not afraid to show 18+ content which is pretty rare in Korean shows. There is also good queer representation which is also pretty rare.

The amazing chemistry between the cast Han So-hee and Song Kang will bring butterflies to your stomach. They are perfect in their roles making you smile ear to ear. The story and cliffhanger will make you want to watch more episodes.


Crashlanding on you(2020)

Crashlanding on u is such a fun show that you won’t be able to stop laughing. The film stars Son Ye-Jin and Hyun bin. Son Ye-Jin as Yoon Se-ri is a rich and successful woman who after succeeding as a chairperson in her father’s company goes paragliding. She goes to test the paragliding equipment herself but unfortunately gets caught up in an unexpected tornado. So, she flies and eventually falls into North Korean territory. There she meets Captain Ri and his four-member unit. She stays with them and is surprised by the way they live because she always had a privileged life. She is very funny and likable while Captain Ri has tough but caring personality.

But how long can south Korea stay in North Korea? Will she be able to survive? To know about these questions, you have to watch the TV show. It has 16 episodes each of 1 hour long. Everyone in the show has perfect chemistry that you won’t even know how fast an episode ends.


Itaewon class(2020)

Itaewon class is about the journey, of the protagonist Park Sae-ro-yi to be the biggest food company in Itaewon. Along the journey, he faces many difficulties but he doesn’t give up. He keeps on striving to achieve his dream. He never loses his morals, beliefs, and kindest personality. The motivating soundtracks, diverse characters will keep you hooked to the drama. Even the smallest characters are written so well that the plot keeps getting better. You will keep on cheering for him to achieve his dream.

The drama is based on the same name manhua name Itaewon class by Gwang Jin. Starting one of the most famous actors Park Seo-Joon, Kim Da-mi, Yoon Jae Myung, and Kwon Nara. There are altogether 16 episodes. You should check this show if you want to get motivated to do something and enjoy something fun.


Sweet home(2020)

Sweet home is horror series based on the manhua by Kim Carnby and Hwang young-chan. Though only 10 episodes the drama has included all major details. After than e protagonist’s parents,’ death he moves to a new apartment. One day there is an attack of zombies in his residence and he along with his teammates fights to protect humanity. If you are into horror, thriller, and zombie then this drama is best for you.


Mr. sunshine(2018)

Mr. sunshine is an extraordinary combination of love, friendship, and patriotism. The historical drama is set between the late Joseon dynasty. Eugene Choi to escape slavery moves to the USA. But when he returns on a mission back to Korea, he falls in love with Go Ae-shin who is part of the righteous army.  The fight for independence, class differences, beautiful cinematography will make you smile and cry. If you are into history with action then this is the right drama.


It’s ok to not be ok(2020)

It’s ok to not be ok is a drama about Moon gang-tae who is a Psych ward caretaker and Ko moon-young who is a popular children’s book writer. Moon gang-tae has a brother to take care of and is the biggest fan of Ko moon young. The storytelling of this drama is very interesting and talks a lot about mental health. They show it is ok to not be ok like the title of the tv show



Vincenzo is led by the most famous Korean actor Song jong-ki. The show is probably the best action thriller. The protagonist who is a mafia from Italy goes back to Korea to claim his Geumga plaza where there is hidden gold. The drama is not all about actions and will make you roll your stomach. You will not even realize that you have watched 20 episodes each of 1 hour long.


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The Startup is a drama about a girl named Seo Dal-mi who is very bright and ambitious to be like Steve Jobs. Along her journey, she meets a guy who mistakes him for her first love and is smitten by her. So, he wants to turn this into reality. But at the same time, her original first love is also there. Though set up in business theme the story is a more romantic comedy. Starring Bae Suzy, Nam joo-hyuk, Kim seon go and Kang Hana it has 16 episodes.


Share your views on Korean tv shows on Netflix, if I have missed any. Please share this with your friend ask him if they missed any.


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