Jocial: Best Influencer Marketing Platform or Scam | Jocial legal or Not ?

Jocial: Best Influencer Marketing Platform or Scam | Jocial legal or Not ?
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Jocial is the leading influencer marketing platform. This implements fully managed data-driven insights with creative strategies to produce meaningful relationships between brands and creators. Jocial is the most powerful Influencer marketing platform in the world. One thing to note about this platform is that this is a multi-level marketing(MLM) company.

Before diving further, let us know the meaning of influencer marketing. Influencer marketing is the technique of using external content creators or influencers to advocate and engage with the company’s brand’s message. The influencers are those who present their content to their audiences. Their sole purpose is to increase brand awareness and convert the audiences to their customers. Strong marketing campaigns with sharp strategy are the forte of the jocial community. The community knows quite well what the brand need and which influencer will fit in it. 

Jocial is available to businesses or enterprises of any size at any level. No business can exist without proper marketing of its product and brand. Jocial is the perfect platform that can connect brands with digital influencers. So they provide a platform that can connect their brands with digital influencers. 


The founder of the jocial community is Jamie March. He is a British internet entrepreneur who started his career in digital marketing at a very young age. The vision of this community came in 2008 A.D. Though, it was launched in 2018 in some countries. The platform was launched worldwide in Feb 2020. Since its launch, jocial is legally available in two-thirds of countries worldwide.

Why Jocial??

Paid marketing has been far too expensive these days for most business owners and entrepreneurs.  So a path has to be found which can grow the business by a budget-friendly marketing plan. The solution to this problem is Influencer marketing which has been discussed before.

Consider a case in which one has to hire a model for his brand or product. Won’t it be too costly for small businesses and starters? But using this jocial community, you can advertise your product at so much less cost. This is the main reason for the popularity of the jocial community for influencer marketing.

Jocial Nepal

As we discussed before, jocial is an influencer marketing community. It supports and manages influencers for affiliate marketing, social media influencing, and promotes MLM(Pyramid System). MLM stands for multi-level marketing which is illegal in Nepal. Learn more about the MLM pyramid system from here. Jocial is illegal in Nepal since it uses MLM and Nepal government does not support this type of business.


Jocial Login/Sign Up

Creating a jocial account requires a referral from any active user. Without the referral, a new account cannot be created. Note that creating an account in jocial is free but activation requires payment/subscription. Follow the steps to create your jocial account.

  • Visit the sign-up link
  • You will be directed to a personal details page as shown below.

Jocial Account Creation

  • Enter your details in respective sections and then click on continue.
  • Now you will be asked to enter the referral ID. You can use “INF8258915” and select on any, either ‘Left’ or ‘Right’ as per your choice. We will talk about Left and Write in further sections. You can choose any according to your will. After this, click on the register now option.
  • Enter the verification code sent n your Email/Gmail and click on verify.

Jocial register Jocial Login

  • Now you will be directed to a page where you will see your own Influencer ID. Along with this, ID, password, and a pin is sent to your email.
  • This notifies your account has been created in jocial. Now login to jocial from its official site; the login details are provided to you via email.
  • When logging in for the first time, you will be directed to a page where you will have to provide your social media details (i.e. number). That can be Telegram, Skype, or WhatsApp. You will also have to accept the terms and conditions of the community.

Jocial Account Creation

Congratulations, cause your account has been created. Now you will be directed to your dashboard.

Activating Your Account

Activating your jocial account is the first step you will take towards earning. Though, before earning, you have to spend some initially on it. this section will guide you through the steps that you should follow to activate your account.

  • First login to your account. You will be directed to your dashboard/profile.

Click on the activate button present on the top screen

  • There are a total of two subscriptions available. The first one is 60$ and the second is 240$. You can choose one of the subscriptions as per your will. We will deal with the details of both the offers in further sections.
  • When you choose a deal, you will be asked for payment. Payment can be done using bitcoin or jocial. The second option is preferred in case you are in touch with an active user who has jocial balance. Since bitcoin is banned in some countries, you can even do the transaction using Perfect Money or Payeer.

Jocial Account Activation

Jocial Advertising

There are a total of three ways to earn in jocial.

a.     Camping Bonus

It is the limited earnings that you get through ad boosting. You can do it via social media or Google as discussed earlier. For a 60$ subscription, the maximum profit limit in 3 months is 60$. Similarly, for 240$ subscription, the maximum profit in a year is 540$.

b.     Matching Bonus

You get more bonuses/earnings by increasing your community length. Refer jocial to more people and get 10% of their earnings each month/day. Consider a case in which you referred to 20 people among which let’s say 10 became active jocial members. If each earned 60$, you will receive 10% from each i.e. 6 dollars from each individual. It has a simple idea, “refer more, earn more”.

One thing to note is, one cannot earn more than the subscription limit per day. The subscription limit is equal to the worth of the subscription. This means if you subscribed to 60$, you can’t earn more than 60$ daily. The same applied in the case of 240$ subscription.


c.      Super Matching Bonus

It is the bonus one can obtain if referred members also refer other people. Consider you referred ten people and these ten again referred ten each (i.e. a total of 100) members, you get 10% from the one you referred and also 1% from those the referred ones refer. This is the main earning source in jocial community since it does not have any limit.


Note that when you are referred by a member, you should choose “Left” or “Right”. This is not a big deal as you can choose any of those sides. It only indicated that some referred members are on my right side and some on the left.

Jocial keeps on providing new and exciting offers and bonuses to keep members engaged. Among these, Global Power Bonus is one that was offered in 2021 and very quickly gained popularity. This offer ended on 10 June 2021 but stay tuned cause the jocial community keeps on providing similar offers from time to time.

Let us discuss briefly about the Global Power Bonus offer.

Global Power Bonus

In this scheme, one is offered a certain position amongst 6. The earning depends upon the position they are in. Similarly, to increase your position, add more people to your group.

Positions and allocated amount in Global Power Bonus

S/NLeague/PositionMembers RequiredSum Allocated($)


Note that all the allocated amount isn’t received by the group at once. You receive 5% of the allocated amount each month until the overall amount sums to the allocated amount.


Benefits of Jocial

  • A lot of products for affiliate and influencer marketing
  • Easy process i.e. contacting brand is not necessary
  • Systemic process

Demerits of Jocial

  • The slow process regarding payment (it might take 42 days to get your payment you make through affiliate marketing)
  • Long process (if one wants to affiliate from it, then they must approve, then only one can refer)
  • There are only four payment methods for buying the subscription


Jocial: Real or Fake

One might be interested to start their earnings from this platform. Before we do that, let’s have a quick review of some facts about this company.

The first thing that has to be noticed is that jocial is multi-level marketing(MLM) company that hasn’t been mentioned clearly on its website. MLM is not legal in some countries, including Nepal. So, if you belong to these countries, legal actions might be taken against you. Further, there is no refundable ‘subscription fee’ that has to be paid in order to earn on the platform. This also provides tiered commissions to referring members. Doesn’t it suggest this might be a Ponzi scheme pretending to be a social media advertising platform?

One fact to be noticed is that payments and withdrawals can only be done using bitcoins. This payment uses SHA 256 Algorithm; practically impossible to trace and is highly unsafe. Also, the phone number given during domain registration could not be found on the true caller. This suggests the number might be fake. Also, see the domain update. Domain was registered in 2008 and was a parked domain since 2020. It seems the website is just 1.5 years old. Can such earning website be parked for 12 years and receive no update in that long time? Neither has it been updated since 2020.

Another thing that tinkles is that the company has been incorporated by Jamie March. This person is completely unavailable on any social media platform. Neither has anyone ever claimed to be the founder of this community. The office address used for the registration is incomplete. It only includes the building name and no official number. Also, the same address has been used by different companies

Ok, now I am myself confused if it’s a real company or just another money laundering website. If you ask me I should anyone invest in this platform, I will say don’t. there are more platforms where you can have good earnings and are surely not fake. Why not invest in such websites? Why take risks? Though it’s completely a sole decision investing on Jocial. Still, stay alert!!


Jocial Legal or Not?

Jocial is not legal in Nepal, Mainly The MLM framework is not Legal in Nepal. Whether it is a scam or not people still have questions and sense of trust issues.



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