India acting like Israel | Pakistan Prime Minister words

India acting like Israel | Pakistan Prime Minister words
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Pakistan Minister said Narendra Modi visits Israel and then he came back and remove Article 370 from Jammu & Kashmir and Modi has all the powers in UNGA. India is acting like Israel,  PM Modi visits Israel and became the first prime minister to visits Israel in the history of India.

Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan’s exact words “Prime Minister Narendra Modi visits Israel and comes back and clamp down on Kashmir, the events of August 5th, 2019. Do we think he got his instructions from Israel? That’s what Israel has done. They have such a strong security apparatus, and they just crush anything. They will send people, kill and assassinate and they have total immunity, they have full confidence in the Veto power of the US in the UN security council, so they get away with anything. And because India feels that they are now seen as a bulwark against China and are now part of the Quad, I feel India can go away with anything“.


Why PM of Pakistan said India is acting like Israel?

The organization of Islamic countries does not like Israel and is in view that Israel is taking Palestine land forcefully. The intention may be something else like hate for India from Islamic countries. If we talk about Kashmir, there is not much development in Kashmir so far. Both the countries can talk about the issue and sort it out rather than passing indirect comments.

The recent development in India from the world’s perspective putting positive impacts, The same impacts need to be created by India to its neighbor countries as well.


India visits in 2017 were remarkable history

  • Indian Prime minister Modi visits Israel for the first time in Indian history. There is no Indian prime minister who visited Israel before.
  • The visit’s purpose was to build foreign relations between India and Israel strong.
  • The talks made on developing technology and how things will change with technology
  • Also, there was talk on agriculture produce and techniques used to get maximum output.


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