Ice Cube Net worth, early life and career, Ice cube marriage, Ice cube’s sons, Ice cube height, Age and Birthday

Ice Cube Net worth, early life and career, Ice cube marriage, Ice cube’s sons, Ice cube height, Age and Birthday
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Ice Cube, popularly known as “Hip-hop” is one of the richest rappers of all time. Born O’Shea Jackson sr, He is a rapper, producer, and actor. The American savage rapper has earned worldwide recognition for his humongous talent. Whether it is a small screen, big screen, or music arena, Ice cube has nailed every part of his professional career. He began his career with a rap group and managed to establish a solo career after exiting the group. The Vaseline rapper has released several hit albums throughout his musical journey. The multitalented actor has many awards to his name like hip hop icon, outstanding lead actor award, and many more. Ice cube Net worth is a massive $160 million as on 2022.


The article dives into Ice cube’s net worth, early life, and career, Ice cube’s marriage, Ice cube’s son, Ice cube height, Age and Birthday, etc.

Ice Cube’s Net Worth

Ice cube is a lot of money. The rapper bank has millions in it. Not only he is part of million dollars movies and albums but also has investments on the side. As a producer, his films blew box office. He has a house in Marina Del Rey alongside the beach in LA worth $10 million. As per Ice Cube, cars are the symbol of status and net worth. It resembles one’s personality. Ice cube has a fancy royal car collection like Chevrolet Impala, New corvette, Bentley, Porsche panorama, and a Cadillac escalade.

Ice Cube is also into the savvy clothing business which goes by the name, Solo by Cube, the brand sells shirts to head-phones. The 52-year-old is a spokesperson for a beer brand. Ice cube has a basketball project with the name Big3. He has also partnered with a jewelry brand. He still releases music now and then but his main focus is the movie business which works for him.

Ice cube is big on Instagram with whopping 22.6 million followers and through it earns deals, sponsorship, and advertisement. As of the year 2022, Ice cube’s Net worth is a massive $160 million. Ice cube surely is a rich man who knows how to cash in his popularity and stay relevant throughout the year.

Early life and career

Ice Cube was born in 1969 in Los Angeles. He has an elder sibling who is also behind his professional name. His parents wanted him to grow up and make something out of himself so he became determined to create a better life for himself seeing the havoc around him.

The relationship between Ice Cube and religion always turns the headlines as he first converted to Islam during the starting phase of his career. However, the rapper says he is open to changing his religion 3 to 4 times again as long as he lives.

The cube began his journey with the crew in action at 16. Shortly after that, Ice then associated with a group that goes by the name NWA. In no time, he quickly emerged as the lead rapper of the group. Ice cube was the lyrical mastermind behind the band’s success. He wrote his first draft on the keyboard and was determined to create a better life. Cube wrote the cabbage patch for Dr.Dre and later Cube, Dr.Dre and Eazy-E collaborated and started working on recording ‘Boys in the hood’.

Cube’s involvement with NWA came to halt in 1989 citing credential issues. Rapper also released a few diss tracks in his life in response to the allegations and shades thrown at him by his former bandmates. Ice cube started his solo career after a while and was an instant star and sensation. He then moved to do movies and has done more than 40 films, all of which were hits. He is the producer of the famous triple x series.

Ice cube’s sons 

Ice cube has three sons and two daughters. The oldest son is O’Shea Jackson Jr. He grew to be a rapper just like his father. The 30-year-old is 1991 born, he also plays soccer. As a young boy, he thought of becoming an actor but fate has other plans and he got into the music industry. Some notable work of his includes playing the lead of the G-team in Godzilla. 

Darrell, the second son, is a rapper. Like a father-like son, he developed an interest in the rap industry and has made his identity in the rap industry. He has a music business major.

Ice Cube has another son whose name is Shareef. He is active on social media like Instagram. The 26-year-old is a small-time actor and has a knack for football and basketball. He is quite popular, thanks to his father. He also knows taekwondo and has a brown belt in it.

Ice cube has done a song with his son, the song talk about giving confidence and believing in themselves. The song lyrics are motivating and inspiring. 

 Ice cube’s marriage 

Ice cube might give a persona as a tough guy but he has a soft heart for his lady, Kimberly Woodruff. The 30-year long marriage has everything to do with their communication and compassion. As per media outlets, the couple in their fifties still feel the same about each other.

They got married after their first son was born. Ice cube is happily married with 5 children as of 2022.

Ice Cube Age and Birthday

Hip hop is from generation X and is currently 52-year-old. The boys in the hood star’s birthday is on June 15.

Is Ice Cube tall?

The lyrical mastermind is of average height as per international standards. He is 5’8.

Ice cube wiki | Ice cube Net worth

Real NameO’Shea Jackson Sr.
Professional NameIce Cube
DOB June 15, 1969
ProfessionRapper, Producer, Actor
Spouse(s)Kimberly Woodruff

(m. 1992)

Years active1986-Present

Ice cube’s Net worth is $160 million


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