HyperFund, person behind it, Hypercash chart, what is HU? Is HyperFund safe?

HyperFund, person behind it, Hypercash chart, what is HU? Is HyperFund safe?
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What is HyperFund? 

HyperFund is an online business. The company has its income from the population associated with them. In this scheme, an amount of profit is for the members who invest some amount of investment in the company. A person can turn into a member all they need to do is that they have to sell those convertible bonds.  A person needs to download the app where they have to open an account.  Then the person has to invest 300 HJU i.e. Thirty-Nine thousand Nepali rupees which is equal to 300 US dollars.

The identity document is for free from the referral of the member. Then you can purchase any scheme of your wish, with the return of zero point five percent.  However, HyperFund which now goes by Hyperverse as well promises one hundred and eighty percent return. Known as community reward, the community gives regular rewards for the next twenty months. The earning is in dollars. 

Who is behind HyperFund?

 Ryan Xu is the founding father of HyperTech Group. It came around in the year 2014. As per the website, Xu is an investor and an entrepreneur who is successful in the Blockchain space. However, the information is debatable. Before HyperFund there was another group of the same members who go by HyperCapital. Hypercapital was their attempt to revive the failed coin which goes by ‘HCash’.  This resulted in the abandonment of HyperCapital, and its website simply doesn’t exist these days. 

Hypercash chart, what is HU?

HU is an internal token. HU holds no real value, and in order to make a profit out of it, it has to convert into MOF via Hyperfund and withdraw to an exchange. There is an issue here while you can withdraw an exchange MOF may lose value just as Xu’s failed HyperCash. 

HyperFund says that it has developed a Decentralized Finance which is an ecosystem for the users of digital currency. It claims that it has created decentralized service platforms and block-chain infrastructure. It has a system of referral commissions for users that recruits new users. In order to affiliate with the community, users must buy three hundred, five hundred, or one thousand HU. USDT at a ratio of 1:1 is set. HyperFund promises 0.5 to 1% daily rewards to its users. They pay them in HU. 

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Is Hyperfund safe?

It is still a matter of debate whether or not HyperFund is safe. There is no registration of it in most parts of the world. There is a potential of scam going on here. What makes it more suspicious is that it doesn’t have products or services to offer, affiliates are only able to market the membership on their own. The platforms which are on the list of Hyper Ecosystem are with no reviews. The most searched thing about Hyperfund on Google is related to its review and it is a scam.

Know about HyperFund Global

It is basically a crypto community. It leverages a system that some influential people have created to integrate opportunities for the regular everyday folks. They promise some benefits upon joining HyperFund. People can make passive income from the day they take their membership. Sense of working with market champs. Hyperfund name is changed to hyperverse and hyperfund is now hyperverse.

Is HyperFund legal in Nepal?

The government has declared HyperFund, and other cryptocurrency companies are now illegal in Nepal as they follow the pyramid scheme. Anyone involved in such activity might get a fine of up to ten lakhs or might end up in jail for five years.


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