How to withdraw money from Upwork in Nepal?

How to withdraw money from Upwork in Nepal?
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You will find out how to withdraw money from Upwork in Nepal?, Money is that super magical thing that we all want to earn. Do you want to earn dollars by staying in Nepal? It’s not a dream. You can earn lots of money through Upwork and from other freelancing sites. But many of us think that we don’t have international cards and how will we withdraw money even we earn from international clients. Every problem has a solution. Today, we are going to find the secrets of how people are earning money from Upwork in Nepal.

There is no problem in withdrawing your earned amount. We can easily withdraw money inside Nepal and even in Nepali currency. Different freelancing sites have different commission fees. They allow withdrawing from many possible ways. Upwork is the best platform to earn money in your spare time.

  • What is Upwork?

Upwork is counted on the top sites for freelancing. You can find many part-time and full-time. There will be remote work and physical work too. Sometimes you need to assist the client physically. The paying may be hourly or the price will be fixed for the particular job.  You may not believe the opportunity linked with Upwork as three million jobs are posted annually.

This is the most common question among new Upwork freelancers and who want to build their career in Upwork.  Let’s explore all the withdrawal methods of Upwork in Nepal.

  1. Local bank

You might wonder that you can withdraw money directly to your local bank account from Upwork. Upwork has made easier with this facility to all Nepali. Now, without fear of not getting back to your efforts, sell your skills and fill your wallet. It is the easiest way to withdraw money in Nepal. You don’t need to make any international cards. The service fee per withdrawal is just $0.99. The service fee is very less in comparison to other methods of withdrawal. What you need is a Bank account and knows its swift code. The swift code can be found on google.


  1. PayPal: Easy and secure Transfer to withdraw money from Upwork in Nepal

PayPal is another method of withdrawal available in Upwork. The Upwork withdrawal fee is $2 for this system. The extra charge may be cut for sending and withdrawing through PayPal. If you have a PayPal account, you can withdraw from it too. For this system, you must have a dollar card. You can’t directly withdraw money in Nepal. You must exchange your money to the person who is willing to exchange USD and NPR. So, it is necessary to be careful with fraud.


  1. Payoneer

The service charge of Upwork is 2 USD per withdrawal. Payoneer charges an extra charge for withdrawing. It can be created and verified in Nepal. This is an international card. It is famous in Nepal and many people make Payoneer accounts for international transactions from Nepal.

  1. Wire transfer(USD)

The service fee is 30 USD per wire to any bank and the funds can be received within 7 days. Sometimes the process can be delayed due to holidays in the U.S. It is also a good option but the service charge is high and the transaction time is long. It is good per transacting a large amount.

  1. Direct to U.S. Bank(USD)

There is no service charge if you transfer money to U.S. banks. If you have friends and relatives living in the united state, you can try this. Be careful and cooperate only with a trustworthy person.


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  • How to withdraw money from Upwork?

The step-by-step process to withdraw money from the Upwork account is given below.

  1. Go to your profile dashboard.
  2. Go to settings.
  3. Click on Get paid.
  4. Choose the desired amount.
  5. Click on Get Paid now.

You can set up more than one or all the above-listed methods to withdraw.


All methods are considered legal by Upwork. You can’t take money outside from Upwork. It makes your account suspended for a lifetime. Thus, the most preferred and easiest of withdrawing your funds from Upwork is to link a local bank account in Nepal. Choose the most suitable method for you to withdraw money. You can get your stipend as fast as possible.

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