How to Rank 1 on Google | Rank on first page of google

How to Rank 1 on Google | Rank on first page of google
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How to Rank 1 on Google? Or How to rank on the first page of google? This is the most asked question by a blogger a content publisher and owner of the business having a website. The reason is quite clear – Increase in earnings for a blogger, Increase in traffic for business websites, Increase in sales for SEO and digital marketers. Everyone wants to stand on top however, few are the ones who really achieve it.


ranking on the first page of Google is a never easy process and even content marketing experts struggle to achieve this. Google is becoming smarter and its AI is top level. Google makes ranking for keywords on the basis of its algorithm and is very difficult to understand. It gets changing and updates are made time and again which makes it more difficult.

Organic search is very good for any website as it won’t cost you to get sales and organic traffic. You will get a step-by-step guide here on how to rank #1 on google or on the first page of google.


Here are the suggested steps on how to rank on the first page of google?

Here are some steps on how to rank 1 on Google, this suggestion helps you to get maximum outputs.


Select Niche you know

Select your expertise field of interest and this will help you rank easily on google. Google is far smart than you, so you select the niche you know well and possess expertise. This will help you write better content and you can give what your audience is looking for. Niche selection is very important for anyone who wants to get ranked on google. Recent development in search makes Niche ranks easier than a multi-niche website.

Your niche may be Sports, Health, education, Entertainments shopping, and digital marketing, etc. You can go further and also select micro-niche so if health is your niche it is hard to know every health perspective. If you are a dietitian select diet and health foods niche and write on these specific topics only.


Select your Keywords

         Choose the high searched keywords and set realistic keywords. Choosing keywords will not be enough you must also check the difficulty level of keywords and CPC of the same if you are a blogger. You can find keywords from Google Keywords planner or any tools like ahref and Key suggest. Make a list of keywords in sheet-like- Keywords-search volume – difficulty- Target country- Backlinks- who is already ranking- no of words of ranked keywords.

Keyword research is very important to rank any articles, you need your keywords idea clear. Also, check the click-through rate for the selected keywords.


Write Quality contents

         Write as much content as you can and brings quality to your content. Language is not a barrier for google so whatever language you write does not matter. There must be clear information about the topics that you want to provide. After you did the writing you need to check plagiarism. Write unique content.

Write a unique and informative piece of content. Write as much content as you can and this makes google understand you are doing hard works. After you have written your content optimize them. Optimization of your content and images are important to ranking higher.

Write content in Active Voice

Use short Sentences

Improve readability

Give proper subheadings

Content must provide an excellent user experience for their repetition

Repeat keywords only to 1% of your content words


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Optimize your content to rank on the first page of Google also called on-page SEO

  • Give the proper Title tag
  • Proper Subheadings
  • Proper H1, H2, and H3 tags
  • Alt Text in Images
  • Use Video if you make one
  • Use your Keyword in the URL
  • Give internal links to related articles.
  • Give links if you have used stats and quotes from any sites
  • Use similar keyword phrases


Get Backlinks to be on top ranking

         Backlinks help Google to know that your website exists or your content exists. The most difficult task is to take backlinks from good websites. There is various link-building strategy, which you can use.  However, you can try some easily available good options. Backlinks are very important to rank in google. There are websites like





Google my business


Social Media website


This website helps you easily get backlinks. You can ask for the links by mailing to other websites, and if you are lucky they will reply to your mail and might give you a link as well.


How to check the keywords search volume for free?

Here are the tips on how you can check the keywords search volume for free:

  • Google Keywords Planner: – Go to google Keywords planner and make ads account. Here is the process of how you can create ads account without payment details:


Go to google ads by typing


  • Click on Start Now
  • Select New Google Ads Account
  • Go to switch to Expert Mode
  • Click on Create an account without a campaign
  • Click on Submit after choosing one option
  • The message will appear congrats! You’re all done
  • Click on explore your account and you are ready to go
  • Go to the tools section and Keyword Planner
  • Select target country and paste your Keywords

google ads account creation

The other alternative is Key Suggest and is a very easy one you can directly paste your keyword and check search volume with Keyword difficulty and CPC as well.


How to check the numbers of word counts for content?

  • Go to Wordcounter.Net and paste your URL to check the number of words on the page
  • Try to beat that count with quality
  • Use similar terms related to content and topics

How to Check Plagiarism?

You can check plagiarism from here, Unique content carries value for your web pages. Always avoid copying other content. Copying others will not take you anywhere in the long run.


Now the last step after posting is to share  your post on a different website like:

  1. Quora
  2. Pin Intrest
  3. Medium
  4. Linkedin
  5. Twitter
  6. Facebook


After all, this, once you post your articles you can check the traffics from google analytics on your blog posts.



To sum up, it is not always the above-ranking factors that help you to rank 1 on google or rank on the first page of google. It also depends on the DA/PA of your domain and age of your domain and spam score along with website speed. If these things support you they will help you additionally. 

These are not must-have things to rank however, good to have things. Focus on quality content is the key as there is saying “Content is the King“. Good Content brings you your target audience.


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